So what is Unshaved Mouse?
Unshaved Mouse started out as my attempt to review and rank all the Disney Canon classics in the order they came out, starting with Snow White. Since completing that I’ve branched out into other animated films and I’ve started reviewing the Marvel movies as of December 2015.  Movies are ranked in five categories; animation, lead characters, villain, supporting characters and music and then given an overall score out of a hundred. The reviews are part thoughtful objective analysis and part me going off on bizarre tangents like a mental patient. It’s like a 10/90 split.
So you’re a man in his thirties who reviews Disney movies.
Was there a question in there?
Okay, why do you review Disney movies?
I’d been meaning to start a blog for a long time as a lot of people had told me it was a good way to get exposure as a writer and build up a following. With the birth of our daughter in 2012, my wife and I would talk about which Disney movie we should show her first and from that came the idea of watching and reviewing them in order.
Are you really a Disney fan?
Oh hell yes.
Are you affiliated with the Walt Disney company?
No. In fact, I live in daily fear of being knifed in my sleep by Disney’s lawyers.
When do you update?
Reviews go up every two weeks on Thursdays. I also may post on other topics at random.
What’s with the name?
Mouse comes from Mickey Mouse, “unshaved” because for some reason that word gets a lot of web traffic.
Soooooooo…there is no porn here?
Um…there’s a pixeallated dick in the Little Mermaid Review if that does anything for ya?
Good day to you
Good day to you, sir.
I read one of your reviews and there were a lot of jokes I didn’t get.
Running gags are kind of our bread and butter around here. Start with Snow White and work your way forward, trust me.
I don’t have time for that. Just explain the constant “Bahia” and “Kookaburras” thing.
Ooh, Mr “Time is Money” over here. Fine. The Bahia thing came from my realisation that Disney’s seventh animated feature, “The Three Caballeros” is actually a horror movie where Donald Duck’s soul is unwittingly sold to the devil (Panchito Pistoles) by the warlock José Carioca and so he must wander through the terrifying nether-realm of madness known as “Bahia”. From then on, “Going to Bahia” has been shorthand for “going monkey balls insane”. As for the Kookaburras joke, that came from the scene in Rescuers Down Under where the animals send Cody to climb a cliff to rescue a giant eagle despite the fact that there are two Kookaburras who could easily fly up there (or certainly, more easily and more safely than a ten year old boy). The bit concluded with a picture of Cody hurtling towards the ground and the caption LAZY BASTARD KOOKABURRAS! Now, whenever I review a movie where a character plummets down a cliff/waterfall/whatever I have them screaming LAZY BASTARD KOOKABURRAS. Make sense?
Neither of those jokes sound particularly funny.
Well, if you make me explain it…jeez!
I love Disney reviews but don’t much care fer book readin’
We’ve got you covered. Erik Copper and Mauricio Guara have done video versions of the reviews which you can watch here.
Okay, seriously, what’s with all the talking maps?
Started out with one gag in the Pinocchio review about how Europe didn’t really have much interest in Disney movies what with the second world war and whatnot. That was the birth of Sarcastic Map of Wartime Europe. From there it kind of exploded and know we’ve got Latin America, who’s a big fan of Disney movies, Batman Africa, Gangsta Asia and Court Appointed Attorney Antarctica.
So you’re like a crazy person?
There’s a movie I really want you to review. Do you do requests?

Patrons who sign up to my patreon can request reviews. Once every six months if you’re a five dollar patron, once a month if you’re in for a sawbuck.

What’s your favourite Disney movie?
Least favourite?
Who are your favourite reviewers?
Doug Walker, Lindsay Ellis, Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Movie Bob, JonTron and SF Debris.
Hello friend!! Would you like to buy some fine Chinese tin?
How could say you hate X?! X is my favourite movie!
Look, first rule of the blog: I am always right. My opinion is the rock solid, objective truth of the universe. And you must accept that if I give a movie you love a bad review, that can only mean that there is something deeply and unfixably wrong with you on the deepest spiritual level. Glad we cleared that up.
Where are you from?
I’m Irish. I live in Dublin with my wife and daughter.
What do you when you’re not writing about children’s movies like a big weirdo?
Harsh. I work nine to five as a civil servant but I’m first and foremost a playwright. I also write for Irish superhero comic League of Volunteers.
Irish superheroes? Really?
When’s the next issue of League of Volunteers coming out?
Issue three should be out in early 2017 hopefully.
Any advice for aspiring writers?
Always be reading. Always be writing. Always have something you’re working on, and always have a book in your back pocket. Doesn’t have to be great literature. I honestly believe you can learn as much from a bad book as a good one. Just read something that you enjoy and that will keep your creative juices bubbling. Never give up, and never underestimate just how much work it takes.


  1. Its about time I left a comment I think. I’ve followed the blog from day one and I’ve never missed a post. The running gags only get better with time and I hope to keep reading them for many Moon’s to come. The last bit of advice to readers is great. Thanks Mouse! Absolutely love this blog

  2. “unshaved” because for some reason that word gets a lot of web traffic.”
    The reason becomes pretty obvious, if you bother to take 2 seconds of your time and hit the Google search button.

      1. This is because there are no nits in Ireland; you’ve nitpicked them all. All you have is lousy lice. And you call them nits.

        Master Yoda: A louse a lousy substitute for a nit does make.

  3. Hi I came across your post about the Abbey whilst doing research for my dissertation. I would love to reference you in my research if that’s okay?

      1. That’s great! Thank you, I think you brought out some excellent points that have really helped me form my arguments. The only thing is – I can’t find your name anywhere (or would you rather stay anonymous?) My email is kartlepik@gmail.com if you would rather discuss this privately.

  4. Hi,
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    1. Very nice of you to offer, but I’m going to have to refuse because 1) this is not a beauty blog. 2) I wouldn’t be able to review beauty products for you because 3) I’m a mouse and that would constitute animal testing.

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