Happy Thanksgiving from The Unshaved Mouse!

I’d like to take a moment to wish all my American readers a very happy Thanksgiving, or as we call it in Europe “Um…all the Puritans just like, FUCKING VANISHED and I am seriously freaking out here, you guys.” Day.

392 Years ago the Puritans, unhappy with the teachings of Surak and the embrace of logic by the peoples of Europe, embarked upon a perilous voyage to found a new nation in an event knows as “The Great Sundering”. I think that was the gist of it anyway, history was never my strong suit.

From your cousins in the old world, we hope that your day is peaceful and joyous, and your turkeys slow and unable to pull together an effective military counter strategy.

Live long and prosper, America.


  1. So apparently the Europeans actually were concerned for the Puritans’ disappearance and not relieved? I guess times have changed.

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