Shameless self promotion!? THAT’S OUR SECRET WORD OF THE DAY!!!

So yeah, I wrote a play which is being staged as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Festival . If you like what I write here…I’ve got to be honest, it in no way resembles what I write here but I am really, really proud of it. It’s called Joanna  and it’s about two teenage girls who hire a legendary vigilante named Joanna to abduct, torture and kill the man they blame for their best friend’s suicide. Cheery stuff, right? It’s running in the New Theatre in Temple Bar for three afternoons, tomorrow, the eighth and the ninth at one o’clock. Any local Unshaved Mouseketeers (can we make that a thing? No?), or anyone who just happens by pure, random chance to be in Dublin right now, pop on over and say “Hi.” Tickets are €10 or €8 with concession.

Oh, and because I want to get all my shameless plugging done for today, check out this interview with me and artist Stephen Byrne over at Mentalist Dave for the new issue of League of Volunteers.

Now, back to the Pocahontas review. Where’s my hatchet?


  1. Out of curiosity, what is your reading demographic like? How many readers do you have from Ireland, Europe, the US, etc.?

  2. You mean you actually have a life and do other things besides watching the Disney Canon and writing on this blog? Cool!

    Unshaved Mouseketeers? Sounds great, yet dirty at the same time!

    Good luck with your play!

  3. Break a leg on opening night. And hey, for all those who aren’t in Ireland to see it, maybe, if it’s alright, you could show us some cast photos, or articles, or something to see how things went. Just a thought. But either way, cheers for you and your success. Hope your wife is also really happy for you on this.

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