Ah well, ’twas not to be…

So unfortunately, this time around the Unshaved Mouse is out of the running for the Blog Awards Ireland. Although it didn’t make it into the top ten, it held steady at around the 14/15 mark which, for a one year old blog run by a single rodent I think is pretty damn good going. And not’s not down to me, that’s down to you. I want to thank everyone who voted and who put up with my constant haranguing for more votes. I didn’t enjoy it, but I did quite enjoy getting back into weekly posts and finding stuff to write about outside of my usual Disney wheelhouse. In fact, if I get nominated next year, I’d like to make October “Post-a-week” month.  Anyway, your support has meant so much to me the last few weeks, and has made me feel simulataneously proud and humble. That shouldn’t be possible, but here we are. I am so damn prumble right now.

Thanks everyone,




  1. Oh. I’m sorry, Mouse.
    I did perversely enjoy getting bullied into voting. I expanded the violence chain down to every Disney fan around me, and we harnessed about 20 votes. Will do again next time. Don’t worry, Disney fans multiply, and if we can win the Pixar crowd with some DreamWorks bashing, next year’s awards could be yours for the taking! Bwahahahahaaa!

    1. Bwahahahaha. I agree with the DreamWorks bashing, which is actually all I am doing on my blog. I’ll join you to help him next year as well and to get Pixar fans.

      1. Are you reviewing… ALL… DreamWorks… movies… on your blog?
        Actually, scratch that. I checked the blog out and… sorry, I just can’t read it.
        I’m sure you’re a wonderful blogger and I wish you well, but I saw that you have reviewed that… movie… and if you have reviewed that… movie… then you must have that… fish… on your blog. That sultry, big finned, big lipped, obnoxious, overwhelmingly feminine fish. Which is fine, you know. Perfectly fine. And I wish nothing but the best for you… both…
        Anyway… I’m looking forward to your schooling (hehe) the Pixar crowd into these waters. 😉

      2. Your comment made me LOL (and I am still laughing as I am typing this). Shark Tale does that to A LOT of people, and t is understandable why. No harm done.

  2. I am sorry Mouse bu it is a big accomplishment to get around 15th, especially with the amount of blogs that were nominees. You’ll get em next time.

  3. Weren’t you nominated for Best Pop Culture Blog as well? Are you still in the running for that award?

  4. I think it was too bad that your The Great Mousedetective post wasn’t in the running…it’s my fav so far.

  5. Aw, Mouse, no problem! It was an honor voting for you! I wish you the best in advance for next year.

    Just kidding. I want my money! 😡

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