1. Great job, it looks like this is coming along really well. I think I’ve stumbled across this video adaptation of the review before (you do say you were late in putting it up) but it looks like it’s been polished and added to from what I remember.

    On another topic, I’m not sure how relevant this’d be to the blog, but since you advertise on and are a fairly big fan of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, I figured you and the commenters here might be interested to know about this.

    Geek culture podcast The Other Side have just done an episode about TGWTG… and to put it mildly they’re not exactly all sugar and rainbows:
    (Be warned that the podcast lasts for over two hours, and even then is merely ‘Part 1’. Also my computer has detected bugs on the site in the past, so heads up)

    For my personal thoughts on the episode:

    1. So he starts by ripping off Slim Shady huh? Wow, this oughta be good.

    2. Being somewhat acquainted with Cody Baier, I can tell that the majority of what he says here is him repeating things he’s already brought up before, whether on Project AFTER or previous Other Side episodes. Thus making this here episode Entirely Pointless.

    3. Cody’s also a massive hypocrite. While I admit that the tendency to carry a joke on too long is a weakness in Doug Walker’s style, Baier frequently goes off on tangents that have taken up large sections of both this Other Side episode and previous ones. Oh, but apparently it’s okay when he does it, because then it’s “interesting”.

    4. And yeah, it’s hard to defend Linkara’s old webcomic Lightbringer, but Cody does himself no favours when his own webcomic Cloudscratcher (which he’s quite obsessive over) has got to be one of the most generic things I’ve ever seen. It’s meant to be a homage to 90s Disney cartoon show and 80s Bluth films, yet if you ask me seriously lacks the imagination and creativity that made the both of these so memorable.

    5. Really, the next episode’s going to be primarily about the circumstances surrounding Spoony’s departure? Sheesh, hasn’t that subject been beaten into the ground enough? Plus with 2014 on the way it’s hardly Breaking News anymore.

      1. ^Six hours technically, since he said this one podcast could end up being three parts long (and this is far from the first time he’s done this).

        Now to be fair, podcasts usually go on for pretty long due to their respective format, but even then most of them tend to stop after about an hour, let alone two.

  2. Hey, did Disney start talking? This is making me a happy honker!

    Also, does Frank Churchill look like Brad Pitt to anyone else?

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