Well everyone, that wraps her up and I am delighted to say that thanks in large part you guys we have reached our funding target for Joanna! And now I can freely admit that there never was such a play, and I am absconding to Mexico with your donations to live like a filthy pirate king. Good times.

In the meantime though, here is the list of people who donated and an approximate date for your review to go up. As I said in an earlier post, I will try to keep to this schedule but sickness, holidays, computer failures or family emergencies may result in your review getting pushed back and if it does, lo siento mucho. Also, while I did originally say I would be putting up the names of the movies people requested but I think it might be more fun to surprise you at the end of each review so instead I’ve put down the date, the name of the donor and my first reaction on being asked to review that movie. Here we go.

30 January 2014- Amelia Mellor (Oooh. Heard it’s really good.)

27 February 2014- Ryen Rasmus (Oh FUCK YEAH!)

13 March 2014- Michael Tyndall (Ugh.)

27 March 2014- Alan Fowley Doyle (AAAAAAAARRRGGHH)

24 April 2014- James Egan (Ah, that’ll cleanse the palette.)

05 June 2014- Ian Tait Doak (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I am thirty fucking years old I should not be this excited.)

03 July 2014- Darragh Ó Bradáin (Okay, you are one of my oldest friends so I will review this movie for you even though it’s not actually an animation and also I did have the theme music played at my wedding reception so okay.)

31 July 2014- Andrew Russell(TETSUO!!!! KANEDAAAAAAAA!!!!)

11 September 2014- Fleur Farwaji (No, no, no, look I can’t review another live action movie you’re donating how much? Okay then.)

09 October 2014- Eamonn Sharpson (You’re lucky you’re my brother or I would punch you in the mouth.)

20 November 2014- Lurking Lurker (Sorry, looks like it’ll be your second choice. Couldn’t find a non dodgy/legal/inexpensive way of getting your first choice)

04 December 2014- Callie Arendt (Yeah. I’ve known I’d have to do this one since the Aladdin review.)

18 December 2014- Veronica Trump (So it’s The Big Sleep with cartoon cats?)

01 January 2015- Zoe Faulder (I really hope Zoe picks a movie otherwise this will be a really dull review.)

15 January 2015-  Conor Kelly (Haven’t seen it but I think this one may cause me to chop onions.)

29 January 2015- Úna Hennessy (Studio Ghibli is always a safe bet, right?)

12 February 2015 – Daniel Austin (They may not dance, but they sure as hell can play the keyboard.)

26 February 2015- Melissa Gola (When they find out I think this one is overrated I am so dead.)

12 March 2015- Sean Egan (How the hell am I supposed to do a funny review of a movie with no dialogue?)

26 March 2015- Juha Tilli (God I hope I can track down a Region 2 copy of this before then.)

09 April 2015- Juha Tilli (again) (What the..What and the Midsummer What?..Huh?!)

23 April 2015- Esther Ní Dhonnacha (Oh God…Ireland’s curse.)

07 May 2015- Chinyere Breitner-Nwizuzu (What is that? A Francis Ford Coppola Yakuza movie?)

21 May 2015- Samantha Doyle (So it’s back to the Bluthiverse…)

04 June 2015- Jacob Charlet (I will review this movie. Because I’m an athlete.)

18 June 2015- Juha Tilli, who by this stage is basically executive producer of this thing. (Ducktales Woohoo!)

02 July 2015- Jennifer Seggio (My, don’t we like to cut things fine?)


Now, these are the people who’ve specifically requested a review. If you donated but didn’t get around to asking me for a review and would like one please let me know in the comments and I’ll add you to the list. Or if you did ask me for a review and it somehow slipped through my meticulous filing system (ha!) again, let me know and I’ll fix it. And lastly, if you wanted to request a review and didn’t get a chance this time, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this again next year as Mexico is surprisingly expensive we’ll probably be doing another production which I’ll tell you about closer to the time. Anyway, thanks so much to everyone who donated on behalf of myself, my wife and the cast of Joanna. I promise we will work our asses off to make this play the best that it can be and to justify your support and faith in us. Thanks guys.



  1. I couldn’t afford to donate, so I’m glad that others were able to help you imitate Scrooge McDuck. 🙂 Also very glad that we’ll be getting at least one Studio Ghibli review (if I could have donated, I’d have asked you to review Howl’s Moving Castle just to see why exactly it’s your favorite Studio Ghibli movie)!

    On a side note, are you going to work a Big Hero 6 review somewhere into that lineup? I remember you saying somewhere else on this site that the Frozen review was scheduled for October, just one month before Big Hero 6 comes out.

      1. Not really an anime fan, but I LOVVVE Akira! One of my favorite animated movies of all time.

        Like Jade, I’d like to know why Howl’s is your favorite Ghibli film. I’m in the total minority, but it is by far my least favorite film of the ones that I’ve seen from the studio (I suppose this is where I hide from the horrors of your unforgiving mouse-vengeance)

        By the way, congrats on reaching the goal! Here’s to a successful season of the show (or of mysterious pirate activities abroad, whatever floats your boat…literally!)

      2. I saw Howl’s Moving Castle for the first time yesterday. I really enjoyed it but I can totally see why its one of the minor Studio Ghibli films. Throughout the film. I kinda felt as if something had been missing from the story. Something that may have been present in the other Ghibli movies.

        My personal favorite Ghibli movie would have to be Spirited Away. I had the DVD copy of it since the year it came out. And every viewing of it gets better and better for me. I adore all of the characters in it, even Yubaba and Zeniba who gave me nightmares when I was younger. The animation and story are equally impressive. And the song during the end credits, Always With Me, is so serene and beautiful, I remember playing it on the flute once. I hope you review Spirited Away sometime in the future, Mouse!

  2. Aside from the ones people have already pointed out, I notice “The Thief and the Cobbler” and “Cats Don’t Dance” are on your list. (We’ll see if someone else figures out my film.)

  3. Hi, Mouse! I’m a long time reader, first-time commenter, and I have to ask: was Veronica Trump’s (hopefully not related to Donald) film, “Felidae?” If so, I can’t wait for you to review that one!

    1. If I had a dollar for every comment made about “Are you related to Donald Trump?”, I’d be as rich as him. And yes, I did pick Felidae. (I also considered Samson og Sally, A Troll in Central Park and The Magic Voyage, but I figured that Felidae would be the most interesting for a review on this blog)

  4. Hey Mouse. Well, I donated a bit, and originally I was thinking about not requesting anything mainly because I figured it was going to be a heavy handed time with these requested films. That being said, though, I hate to say this, but I had a couple of ideas to add in, and if you don’t have time then that’s fine. But my suggestions (you can choose one or the other) are: Prince of Egypt (hopefully it’s not the overrated film), or, when it comes out on DVD, Saving Mr. Banks, as it’s connected with Mary Poppins, and I read in the comments that you hated that movie and therefore this would give you a great chance to vengefully show how much hate you have towards it.

    Anyway, like I said those are just a few, I’ll let you decide on which one you’re the most comfortable with, or if you don’t want to that’s fine. Just glad that I was at least able to help you out (even though it was a last minute thing; but hey, had to wait until getting paid). Thanks, and I wish for the best for all of you on your play.

      1. Well, after a small coin toss, I have decided upon which one. And the one I think would be a good review would have to be Prince of Egypt. If that’s alright, but if not, then you can choose the other option. Don’t worry, I understand having to wait a while. Besides, as long as you keep up the always good work, which you always do, then I have no problem waiting. Either way, congrats on making your goal.

      2. Oh god yes thank you for suggesting that. I ended up not being able to donate but I was debating whether to request that or Millennium Actress if I had donated.

    1. “But my suggestions are: Prince of Egypt (hopefully it’s not the overrated film)”

      Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but is there more than one Prince of Egypt, presumably, an overrated one? Or is there a re-cut version? Maybe I’m reading too much into this, heh.

      1. No, there isn’t a re-cut version of the film, just the one version we’re all aware of. I was just wondering if that was the suggested one and thought it was going to be the overrated one. Seems like I was wrong.

      2. Ohh, gotcha. I read it outside the context of Mouse’s list and got confused. Thanks, Drake.

        Mouse, since you didn’t like Hunchback as a kid, we can all assume that all of your tastes are opposite now which means you must have loved Dinosaur as a kid!

  5. Hey,didn’t get around to donating (I’m applying to grad schools now, so money’s tight), but I’m really looking forward to some of these reviews. As a long-time Ducktales fanatic, I love the gif you used, and look forward to your review of the movie. (I personally think it’s pretty weak compared to the rest of the series plot-wise, but it has some cool individual scenes).
    If I’ve got money by the time the next fundraiser rolls around, I’ll probably request either A Goofy Movie or Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, they’re both personal favorites. (Unless, of course, they’ve already been requested)

  6. Ooh, I like the idea of making us guess.

    That’s fine; the second one will probably make for a more interesting review, in all its badly-rotoscoped glory.

  7. Ugh, I’m so late to the fundraiser party. I discovered your blog about a month ago so I couldn’t donate. The next time you have a fundraiser, I’m sure I probably will donate. Whenever that happens, I would request either Fleischer classic, Gulliver’s Travels or Mr. Bug Goes to Town. I’ve been wanting to know what this blog’s Walt Disney would say about those films. 😉

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