Ever wondered what Mouse’s voice sounds like?

Check out this interview that I did with Oisín Boyce of Belfield FM, where I talk about League of Volunteers,  Joanna and of course, Unshaved Mouse.



  1. Snow White is nowhere near as scary as Sleeping Beauty! Maleficent (aka “Wicked Fairy”) terrified me, haunted my nightmares and was generally the bete noire of me childhood… Admittedly bits of Bambi and Pinocchio are excised from my memory but, in terms of what’s suitable, I’d think twice about the Mistress of all evil… having said that weirdly I support the right of children to be terrified out of their skulls…there’s a general lack of good villains at the moment 🙂

    1. I know it’s going to sound weird to you, but I actually found the Evil Queen even scarier than Maleficent as a kid. To be exact, any scene with her in her old hag form gave me nightmares. That voice…it was just so unsettling combined with her appearance.

  2. So glad you’re going to show your daughter these traditionally animated movies. 2D is dead, dead, dead, and parents nowadays will only buy their children the newer stuff like Shrek and Cars. It’s come to the point where if it ain’t 3D, it ain’t worth crap.

    Surprised that you’re going to show her the renaissance early on, considering those films are more mature than the rest of the cannon. Not that there’s anything wrong with that–my fifth birthday was freaking Hunchback themed, LOL.

  3. Cool interview. Something tells me I’d probably be in for trouble if I ever upset someone in Ireland. There’s something I find so inexplicably cute about way the word “fuck” sounds in an Irish accent, getting cursed out there would probably lead to my responding with a gleeful chuckle.

    Your mentioning Mini Mouse’s name also makes me curious as to how it’s spelled. I suspect it’s impossible for someone overseas to get right first guess. My western ears heard it as “Aeyola”.

    So true about your writing points. I’m sometimes asked why I don’t try writing a book, and I think one of my biggest reasons is that I haven’t got plot structuring down. I’m actually ok enough at prose and dialogue to have managed to run a relatively successful semi-interactive series on a forum once, but that was largely based on a very systematic mockumentary of a reality show. As you said, largely TV inspired. Funny, but not the most structured thing ever.

      1. Last time I checked, Greece was east of Ireland, but this is coming from someone from a country where we call the closest country west of us “far east”, so I guess I can’t say much.

  4. Amen to the thing you said about plays too. My sister was in theatre in high school, so I’ve seen a few high school plays, which have a visibly female-dominated range of players that’s pretty lopsided in relation to the male-heavy casts a lot of theatre scripts have. I’ve got memories of wondering what a 50s playwright was up to putting casual lesbianism into his plays. Over here, it’s gotten to the point where even the professional theatres often resort to giving characters gender swaps. And they’re certainly improving at that, it was done fluidly enough in the last Bard on the Beach play I saw that I only had any inkling the actresses’ characters were written as men briefly before the intermission.

    Though regarding your question, I think Shakespeare’s got a few that at least sort of fit the bill… Macbeth has at least four female characters if you count each of the Weird Sisters, though I guess they’re kind of side characters. King Lear’s got the three sisters as well, they’re pretty major to the story I think, though I guess the title role’s still the King’s.

  5. well, hey, now for my video reviews i don’t need to do a terrible irish voice that might sound nothing like you, I can just do this voice! 😀

      1. Not really, it was incredibly easy to do… for about 10 minutes before my throat started hurting because I’m not used to doing anything that resembles an Irish accent.

  6. Mouse, your voice is gorgeous. I want to have your Irish Mouse-babies.

    I kid, of course. I am a lesbian.

    Also, not super into inter-species romance.

    (I couldn’t help imagining the entire interview with you as the Unshaved Mouse. So there’s that.)

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