First review for Joanna! And it’s GOOD!!

I’ve been writing for a good few years now but I’ve never actually had anything I’ve written reviewed before. And this is kind of a good way to start! Joseph Kearney of No More Workhorse has written an absolutely glowing review of Joanna which is running all this week in the New Theatre. I’m putting up a link HERE, partially because I’m a huge narcissist but also because it was your kind donations that paid for the bribe that got that review made this show possible. Thanks guys.


  1. Might I add Mouse, that I’ve driven many tens of thousands of miles looking forward to reading your reviews. They’ve been good to read, always interesting, and very funny. I still think you should have gotten a better score on the Blog Awards.Wish I could be around more, but the demands of living and making it hard to survive.

    Looking forward to the next review as always, and my sword is ever at your command. (just don’t ask me to fall on it)

  2. Sounds amazing! Never thought the story was so intricate. So much potential for psychological deliciousness. Too bad I’m a billion miles away. But seriously, congrats on what looks like a very successful show. Our little rodent is growing up so fast, sniff.

  3. Well, hey, if people are going to monetarily bribe you to write reviews, When In Rome, right?

    …People never finish that expression. It ends with take a bath in the bathhouse, right? Or maybe it’s… oppress the Gauls? That’s gotta be it, yeah.

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