Unshaved Mouse Fanart is now a thing. Also, new audio reviews!

Know how you know you’ve made it?

The money?


The respect?


The legions of adoring fans?

No. You know you’ve made it when there’s fanart of you on the internet.


Thanks to LadyAquanine, this is both very cool and quite possibly the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

In other news, Erik’s  audio reviews for Song of the South  and Fun and Fancy Free are now up. Enjoy!


      1. It isn’t so much the fanfic you have to worry about, it’s where they are going to post it. Considering some of the things people type to get here…

    1. Maybe if you’re lucky it’ll be with Thor Putnam, but something tells me Cleo is a more likely candidate.

  1. Glad to be of help. 🙂 And now one last thing, fanart often involves, how shall we say, pornographic imagery.

  2. Mouse, my name is LadyAquanine, not LadyAquitane. You know, like a Lady of the aqua waters? And no, I will not write a fanfic about you. I don’t write about real people in fanfics. Besides, you pilot your own ship very well without any help :).

    If anyone wants to play around with the game I used to make that, you can find it here: http://www.dolldivine.com/pixie-scene-maker.php You can even make guy characters on there :D.

    I’ll have you know, Inala, that I despise porn and refuse to use any naked characters doing the pelvic cha-cha. Plus, most virtual dolls they have on Doll-Divine or Azalea’s Dolls have a minimum covering of underwear when you first start out.

    Now I know there’s a huge stigma about Fanfiction.net out there. 90% of the people on there are children (or adults with child-sized brains) who can’t write to save their lives. You can tell they spent the first 3 or 4 years of grade school snoring through reading & writing classes, and then are still writing with chicken-scratch reading like 6-year-olds when they are in high school (saddest thing I ever saw *shakes head*).

    Me? I like to write, and have done so ever since I was 12. I value QUALITY in writing (like plot-lines that actually make sense) as well as spelling & grammar that doesn’t make my eyes bleed. (I thank every Language teacher who ever forced me to correct bad sentences on D.O.L. & D.O.U. all throughout the 90s).

    Plus, Fanfiction did 2 very good things for me. I found my first real BFF, x-xMasqueradeAngelx-x and we’ve been long-distance friends for 5 years, and I was able to post 2 different (if unfinished) stories that people on there have liked. Both were more novels than fanfictions, though I learned a few things from Angel on how to write a fanfic. There ARE decent writers on there, it’s just REALLY hard to find them amongst the crappy writers.

      1. LadyAquanine, PLEASE refrain from jumping off the handle and get a grip on reality. I was joking around with Mouse that since he has fanart now that there might be someone, maybe, out there who might write fanfic about him.

        It was only a joke, and since Mouse took it in the spirit it was intended, and not wanting to push the “appropriateness” line for any young children who might have been reading, I let it go. Mouse let it go. So why did you feel the need to jump down my throat about it?

        Mouse, if I’ve ever stepped over the line, I apologize, and please delete all the posts you find offensive.


      2. Everybody chill. It’s fine. It’s cool. The blog is rated for a teen audience so I’m not overly worried about things getting a little blue at times (you’ve read it yes?). I know I can rely on you all to keep things civil.

      3. She’s fun to read about, but the truth is, Eleanor of Aquitaine is not one of my fave historical figures. I’m more of a Queen Elizabeth I kind of fan. It was a random name I came up with back in the early 2000s when making a free Yahoo account. (I don’t miss Yahoo).

      4. I do. I used to love playing their free games and chatting with people. I know they still have games, but since they quit the “classic” versions, its not the same. I didn’t even mind the lesser graphics. I know they still have free games, but I have yet to find anything besides Yatzy to play. Oh well.

  3. So if you find fanart flattering, I itch to know your verdict on subtle in-joke references inserted into online fan stories…

    *totally not in dogged pursuit of said information for personal agenda*

      1. Lovely to know! I’ll be sure to have the source of them well, well advertised!

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