A fond farewell to Mauricio Guaura (he’s not dead, just busy.)

So some sad news folks. Mauricio, who’s been doing the video version of my reviews read by Erik for the last half a year has unfortunately had to call it quits because apparently getting good grades and making something of himself is more important than translating my mental illness into a visual medium.


 Seriously though, Mauricio’s done some great work over the last few months and I know you’ll all join me in thanking him for all the effort he’s put in and wishing him the best in his studies.  Thanks for everything buddy.

And of course, you can still watch all of the video reviews HERE.


  1. I had a feeling something was off. It was neat while it lasted, and must be a challenge to do. You are still doing well Unshaved Mouse, and I am proud of your progress. Thanks and good luck Mauricio.

  2. Jesus man, you scared me for a moment. I thought I was kidnapped by monkeys or something!

    Seriously though, you didn’t need to do this! Thanks to you and everyone for your…their…uhhh, support *sob*

  3. And they were getting really good, too! Never mind, Mauricio – you won’t regret it when you graduate.

  4. Sorry to see you go, Mauricio! It was fun seeing my audio reviews put to video, but I guess they’ll remain audio for now.

    Good luck with future endeavours!

    (And yes, for those wondering, I will continue to make the audio reviews)

  5. Hey, Mouse, my dad had the opportunity to watch Tangled for the first time a few days ago, and he thought it was better than Frozen. Sorry if that’s unrelated to this, just thought I’d mention it.

    1. Really? Huh. Oddly enough my housemate just saw both for the first time and she said it was a huge mistake to watch Frozen first because Tangled is great but really suffers in comparison.

      1. My sister also prefers Tangled, at least on her original favorites list:
        1. The Lion King
        2. Tangled
        3. Pocahontas
        4. Princess and the Frog
        5. ?
        6. Frozen
        From an animation standpoint, I’d say Frozen has the edge, but from a plot standpoint, I’d give it to Tangled. I’m not sure which one I’d prefer. Frozen has the better songs for my money, and again, animation, but I’m torn between the villains of both. Gothel might hit a little closer to reality as the abusive parent. People say she’s complex, but I disagree.
        I, have read of people who call Hans one of the most pathetic Disney villains ever.
        Bottom line: I’m torn on which one is better. Of the new CG films, Wreck It Ralph is my favorite, BTW.
        Can’t wait for what you have to say about “Meet the Robinsons”! I kind of have a soft spot for that movie, so I’m afraid you’ll be too harsh on it. (Wow long comment.)

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