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Being the plugged-in, ears to the ground Disney fans you all are I’m sure that at least some of you have seen this:

It’s a Disnified rendering of all 12 Doctors (I’ll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I recognise the War Doctor) done by my friend and erstwhile League of Volunteers collaborator Stephen Byrne. It’s already gotten notice on the AV Club, the BBC website and a bunch of other websites with far greater profiles than this one. Stephen’s a fantastic artist (obviously), and has a wicked sense of humour too. Quote:
“I would like to thank the people who took the time to point out some errors in my recent ‘Disney Doctor Who’ post. It has been rightfully brought to my attention that ‘some of the designs aren’t exactly….Up to par….2 and 4 are too short’ and ‘6 looks like a looks like clown, 2 looks like a dwarf, 4 looks like he is sick with some sort of bad cold, 1 looks creepy, and 11 has eyebrows!’. A theme emerged – ‘2 and 4 are too short’.

Well, I’ve had a look back over the art in question, and the situation is far worse than I imagined. Indeed, some of the heights of the characters are factually inaccurate, but it doesn’t stop there. Upon closer inspection, I realised that I had accidentally exaggerated facial features and poses and mistakenly made choices about character and costume designs. I somehow used a bright saturated color palette that does not exist in reality, and (in some instances) just plain used creative license with zero regards for the consequences. Worse still, to my dismay – ‘THERE IS A ROSE ON DAVIDSON INSTEAD OF A CELERY STICK?!???!’, as one viewer put it. It turns out even the font was made up.

Thankfully there is still time to remedy this mistake. Please see below the updated correct version. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.



Michaelangelo painted, but was at heart a sculptor. Stephen draws, but his true medium is sarcasm.

Now Stephen has launched his own webcomic, Steve Loves Internet, a tender love story about the relationship between a man and a global network of interconnected hard-drives linked via optical, wireless and networking systems. It’s already shaping up to be one of my favourite webcomics and I strongly recommend you check it out and spread the word.
Mouse out.


  1. ‘What, I’ve always loved sports ball.”
    Hahah, that is an accurate approximation of my life right now. I’ve never given a turd about sports, but when everyone else around me gets excited about it, it begins to rub off.

  2. Hey Mouse, I saw the above on Facebook when he originally posted it, and the “correction”! Some DW fans are morons. Will definitely check out his comic!
    What’s your problem with the War Doctor?

    1. Well the special was supposed to be a celebration of fifty years of Doctor Who and was essentially all about this new character who was shoe horned into continuity without as much as a by your leave (no disrespect to Hurt or his performance). It should have been about Ecclestone’s Doctor (I know he turned it down so that’s not Moffat’s fault) but in that case it should have been Paul McGann’s Doctor. This would also have really worked: the forgotten Doctor that the others don’t want to acknowledgme is the one who never got a shot in real life. And their final reconciliation would have been a really touching way of finally accepting McGann’s into continuity and embracing his place in history as the bridge between old and new Who.

      1. You didn’t like the special? I agree that it might have worked better with Paul (And Big Finish were taking him veeeeery slowly in that direction) but we got Night and the Doctor instead, which was AMAZING. I actually loved John Hurt’s Doctor (War Doctor? 8.5? Whatever) and really wish that we could see more of him. There were a lot of really great references and nods to the show’s past hidden throughout the special, and that took care of the celebration of 50 years for me (plus the fantastic ending). But I understand why you might feel disappointed.

      2. Like I say, I love John Hurt but I found just shoe-horning him into continutiy horribly inorganic. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of the Moffat era anyway. I’m a die-hard Ecclestone fan and I feel that once Tennant took over the scripts started getting lazy, using the sonic screw-driver, technobabble and timey wimey to resolve conflicts rather than solutions emerging organically from the situation.

      3. You might be the only person I’ve ever heard say that. I haven’t seen much Dr. Who but a TON of my friends are obsessed with it and they all swear by Moffat and Tennant

  3. Sorry, you meant “once Tennant took over” or Moffat? I liked Eccleston but he feels the least…Doctor-ish to me. Does that make any sense? And I really dislike Rose, so I don’t rewatch him very often. Not a big RTD fan (I’ve come to actively hate Tennant’s Doctor, except for when he’s with Donna. And Blink. And Waters of Mars. That’s it. You may now exterminate me 😉 ). I actually like the timey-wimey, but I do agree that it, and the sonic, have been a bit overused lately. But we’ve got a new Doctor now, and I can’t wait to see what happens!

    1. Sorry, what I meant was that when Tennant took over, the scripts started getting sloppier (with exceptions, Blink is one of the best hours of television I’ve ever seen. Period.) The problems I had with the later RTD series then just got worse when Moffat took over. I’ll definitely give Capaldi a shot. Actually, I thought An Adventure in Space and Time was a far better anniversary special. Did you see it? God I hope they bring David Bradley back to play the First Doctor in the regular series, he was just perfect.

      1. I saw it and loved it. Bradley was amazing. PLEASE let them bring him back.The Matt Smith cameo made me cry buckets. Did you see the Five-ish Doctor’s reboot? It was also great! And I just saw that they’re doing a sequel! Big Finish’s “A Light at the End” was also superb. And there were some really good comics. All things considered, it was a very good anniversary year for the show. There was something for everyone: Old fans, new fans, casual fans… If you weren’t satisfied with one thing, there was always something else to see or read or hear.

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