My friends, the time has come for begging.

Okay guys, we’re now down to the wire for voting for the Blog Awards Ireland and Unshaved Mouse is now only a few (hundred) votes short of getting into the final ten. You know, some might think it’s impossible to get that many votes in three days. But I know you’ll simply consider it a challenge, because you are without fear.

If you got a mo, any votes would be most welcome. The link awaits beneath. Thanks guys.

Blog Awards Ireland


  1. *with pompoms, pigtails, and a skirt the size of a chip packet*
    Who blogs films, Snow White to Frozen?
    Everybody’s favourite rodent!
    Unshaved Mouse for the top ten!
    If you’ve voted once, go and do it again!
    *attempts a cartwheel, falls on face*

  2. I shall continue to do what I can (which involved library computers, school computers, and of course my own personal computer.)

  3. Voted and now you are just one vote behind the Frozen birthday party post! There’s a terrible irony in Frozen being one of your competitors, Mouse. :p

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