Cinderelly audioy is now uppy!

Hi guys,


The audio review for Cinderella is now up and looking for a loving home in your earholes. Big thanks to Erik Copper for all his hard work in revealing the tyranny of the Mouse Queen in audio form. And don’t forget, I’m still taking suggestions for movies for the Charity Movie Death Match, so leave ’em in the comments here.

Mouse out


  1. Sounds great.

    Also, could we please, PLEASE have your opinion on the twisted Pinocchio-inspired Age of Ultron trailer?

  2. Huh, this looks familiar.

    Ahem, Neil, will you give us your thoughts on all the Marvel Phase 3 announcements? Or the Age of Ultron trailer, at least? Like you did with the Big Hero 6 teaser!
    …Since, you know, you’ll be reviewing Marvel movies and all…

      1. Oh, there’s no hurry, take your time. Knowing Marvel there will be even more to talk about by then.

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