Video Reviews Shall Return!

So after a long, long wait the search is finally over and we have someone to do video reviews.

And that person was right here the whole time (and when he took off his glasses…I realised he was beautiful.)

Erik Copper is now going to be doing the audio and the visual for the videos as he slowly and inexorably replaces me as the one true Mouse.

I’ve already seen the early version of the Make Mine Music review and they are gonna be goooooood, people.

Speaking of reviews, the audio for Alice in Wonderland is now up so get listenin’ and, oh yeah, Mouse finally got off his tail and posted the latest chapter of the Hangman’s Daughter. (Sorry guys, week has been kinda crazy.)

Be good, I watch you always.



  1. You are lucky I was killing balrogs yesterday. Because I was gonna rant about the missing Hangman’s Daughter chapter.
    Anyways, I love hearing to the old reviews in audio format, is so much fun! My congratulations to Erik Copper. 😉

  2. I would just like to quickly report that I saw Big Hero 6 today and it’s awesome. Funny, action-packed, very believable and relatable characters, excellent development of the relationships between the main character and his older brother as well as between the main character and the robot Baymax. Incredible design of the city of San Fransokyo, the animation is absolutely top-notch in general. Totally awesome that all the main characters are huge nerds (NERDS RULE). Just a few mild complaints, felt a little bit short and I wish they had developed the aunt character a bit more (I liked where they started with her but it just kind of stopped after that). Oh, and this might have the best Stan Lee cameo yet.

    Also, the short that plays before it, Feast, is excellent. It appears to use the same animation technique as the sublime Paperman short (though now in color). It looks great and it’s got a really interesting way of presenting the story with almost no dialogue. I think I read somewhere that Disney is looking into potentially using this animation style for an upcoming film, really hope they actually do use it at some point because it already looks great and it’s only going to get better and better as they develop the technique further.

      1. OK, I just watched the preview. Tells you basically nothing about the final result. I think you’ll like it

  3. …Did the Horned King get Mauricio or did the Coachman?

    In any case, I’m glad that chapter got posted, I really enjoyed it, also, yay, more Alice! Love her little smirk here.

  4. So, apparently, according to a video on Disney’s Facebook page, Dinosaur is no longer in the canon, but now Into the Wild is in. Seems you have another movie to review. 😉

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