Face off

Blood on Snow

Kung Fu Panda




Guys, I’m not sure we can keep doing this. I mean, the carnage we’ve seen in the last week…it gives the word “deathmatch” a bad name!

Week 2 is over and Kung Fu Panda, Maleficent and Land Before Time have all been dispatched to the big cinema in the sky. Our remaining and increasingly nervous fighters are:


An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West

Fritz the Cat

The Secret of Nimh

The Iron Giant

Watership Down

Only YOU can save your favourite movie and ensure it gets a review by donating any sum, small or large to Love Without Boundaries and email your receipt to along with your vote. Now let battle resume!

I love this, God help me I do.



  1. That is really a pile of awfulness you avoided now that Maleficent is out.
    Kind of surprised that Feivel goes West, Balto and Fritz the Cat are still around.

    1. Balto? Fievel maybe, little mouse couldn’t find his way out of a cheese wheel. but Balto found a missing sled dog team from the opposite side of the trail, and led it back to Nome, not to save any human, but for his friend.

  2. It’s been two rounds and we still haven’t settled the question: “who do the fans want to suffer more, the Cat or the Mouse?” And I’m feeling simultaneously charitable (some of those orphanages back in the home country really do need the help, if the organizations running them are anything like other state-run programs in China) and mercenary.

    So: vote for or against Fritz the Cat? I mean, there are some really great movies there, and for variety’s sake we probably should mix in some terrible ones among the greats, but that’s just me, and I’m genuinely unsure which way I should vote. Maximum quality, or maximum schadenfreude? Help me out here!

  3. Yo, Mouse – I hear that Neil Gaiman’s gonna be in Dublin on Wednesday. Think you’ll have time to go see him in person?

  4. Damn, never got to vote, sorry Ducky, I have failed you, my scaly forebear *hangs head*

    Though I wonder whatever happened to the How To Train Your Dragon sequel, did Toothless chicken out?

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