Wanna see something creepy?

Hey guys,

So, here is fifteen minutes of test footage for Joanna VR which you can (hopefully) watch either in your browser or on your phone. Give it a look and let me know what you think. Don’t forget, the Movie Deathmatch kicks off on  Monday 23rd of November (Yes I got the date wrong originally, thanks to Nat for pointing that out).

See ya soon!


  1. Oh my god this is so cool. I didn’t actually realize I could move the viewpoint around until like 5 minutes in but once I did, my jaw literally dropped. This is so so so so so so so so so cool.

    One minor suggestion, would it be possible to add a subtitles option? My ability to understand the Irish accent is not the best. I got most of what they were saying but there were definitely parts that I just did not understand at all.

      1. He had about one line but it looks like he was there to tease a Bluth review for the next episode. Not sure what movie it’ll be though

      2. I’m honestly hoping for either Anastasia or Titan AE. He’s already covered every other bad Don Bluth movie except Thumbelina.

  2. Oy. Kind of looks like the return of the Shatner-style movements a la Family Guy.

    I’d imagine it’ll probably look best on the machine it was intended for, you never notice how blurry things in your periphery are until you see it on a flat screen.

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