1. OMG, this is the first time I see you! XD You’re so funny, man. Btw, you do some great impressions and you have tons of charisma! πŸ˜€

  2. If you get heckled enough, will you dive headfirst into the closest vat of chemicals and become the greatest supervillain of our age?

    Just kidding. I can’t do anything with audio right now – will listen to this later.

  3. You did great! Some first time nerves, sure – just try to slow down a bit. I think once the venue had technical issues you loosened up? It seemed to me you realised “THIS! This is the worst thing that is going to happen during my set and it isn’t ME! Yay!”

  4. Hi Mouse!
    That was hilarious!
    And real life you is as adorable as mouse you! Your comic timing is spot on!
    But your bit-too-casual-clothes were distracting…
    if you’d like a tip, I think you’d be great if you polish up your physical comedy because you tend to have interesting moves when talking.

    Looking forward to more from you!

      1. Did he offer you the chance to become human in exchange for your voice, hence why you appear the way you do here?

  5. Tom Waits Winnie the Pooh thing cracked me up.

    Really, I have wondered for quite a bit why Woody doesn’t sound like Darth Vader by now. I wonder what Tom Hanks’s voice would sound like with majorly abused bass on the pitch control.

  6. Ah, I’m so late to this post!
    That went really well. You should be proud, mouse of many talents. I also liked the Tom Waits bit, and you have a pretty nice set of pipes!

  7. Ok, who do I have to &$%! to get a Tom Waits Winnie the Pooh?
    That went over really well. Not bad for your first time! Though it does make me wonder after having been subjected to Frozen and “Let It Go” so many times over the past two years if you regret giving it a high score.

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