Movie Deathmatch: The Final Reckoning

And so, as another year ends we face the aftermath of another Movie Deathmatch. Dammit, we must build a better world. When will the killing end?
So, as you all know, this time around I was trying to raise money for Joanna VR, a filmed version of my play for virtual reality. We were aiming to raise €12,500. We got around €3,000.
Meh. It happens. We’ll sit down, work out where we go from here, figure out a new way to do it and try again. All part of the process and not one you guys have to worry about. What does concern you is the results and here they are. The winners of the increasingly misnamed Unshaved Mouse Charity Movie Deathmatch 2015 are:
3. Steven Universe
2. Gravity Falls.
1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
Wrong winner
Oh wait. Sorry, sorry.
No, first place was actually Gargoyles. Yeah. And for those of you agitating in the comments to get people to vote for Hunchback 2? I have a list. And I will find you.
Stories will be told around campfires.
Huge thanks to everyone who voted. Also, special thanks to people who gave larger donations and requested reviews outright. They were Alex Hu, Martha Brady, Michael Tyndall, JBull, Roger Courtney, Adrienne Gallagher and my brothers John, Eamonn and Donal Sharpson who donated just to make sure that I have to review three of the WORST FUCKING MOVIES OF ALL TIME. Thanks to all of you (except the last three) and if there’s anyone I’ve overlooked please let me know in the comments ASAP.
Happy new year everybody.
Mouse out


  1. Would you be able to do a review of some Hosoda films, notably Wolf Children someday? I only ask because his newest film just came out. Everyone talks about Mamoru Hosoda being the next Miyazaki and all, but I personally find his recent films beautiful but bland at best and downright conservative at worst, unlike the more left-leaning Mr. Miyazaki who used to be called the Japanese Disney despite their films and politics being nothing alike.

    1. Miyazaki is actually far more conservative than many people think. Even his environmentalism is not out of place with the Japanese Right.

      1. Japan in general is more conservative than most people think, innit? It gets away with levels of racism that would make the American South cringe.

  2. Lol….for a moment when I read Hunchback 2 I felt so much pity….And as it happens, I was hoping for Gargoyles. Will that be the show or the kind of movie?

  3. Oof, I am now morbidly curious about the Brothers Mouse and I hope that my contribution entertains you enough to offset whatever they have planned.

    Well, “contribution”, as Kickstarter isn’t going to take my money. Should we save that up for some other donation method, or should we give it to charity?

    (Also, feck yeah, Gargoyles. Again gonna hope for an episode Chuck Sonnenberg hasn’t covered, but it seems like a consistently good show, so finding a good episode shouldn’t be a problem.)

  4. I knew Gravity Falls and Steven Universe would at least be close. I still don’t comprehend how both shows seem to have such interwined fandoms.

  5. Happy New Year Mouse! It’s a shame you couldn’t get enough money 😦 I hope you can get the rest by another terms, legal terms, if possible. Anyways, thanks for being such an awesome person! I always check out your blog to see if you made a new post 😀 Keep being amazing! 😉

  6. Happy new year, Mouse (and readers of Mouse). I have to say, I can’t wait for you to review said “worst fucking movies of all time.” Maybe you should do reviews mentioning only things they did right, as an exercise in perversity. And to keep the articles short 🙂

  7. I feel bad, I was GOING to make a $27 donation and buy a review, but I was waiting until after Christmas so I could use my Christmas money. BUT I was spending the week between Christmas and New Years with my grandparents and my laptop wouldn’t connect to their WiFi for some reason, and I didn’t get the chance to make the donation before the deadline. I mean, I guess 27 bucks wouldn’t have made a huge difference, but still.

  8. Sorry about Joanna. I was going to donate (for real) but after Christmas shopping and finally shelling out for a new computer I wasn’t able to work up enough money before the deadline. Next time for sure, though. I’m excited to see you look at Gravity Falls (easily one of my favorite shows ever) and Hunchback 2 (you have my deepest condolences).

      1. Oh yeah, should have gotten that from the picture, heh heh. Whoops. Let’s hope the day when you have to look at that doesn’t come for a long time.

  9. That was a surprisingly bloodless conclusion to this violent ordeal. So, the Hunchback loses his crown to the gargoyles, his supposed only friends for years. Well, you’ll always be King of Fools, won’t you?

    Sucks Joanna’s kickstarter didn’t pull off a proper donation. I’m sure she’ll be back with a vengeance someday.

  10. BTW, Mouse, did you hear about the Lion King spinoff, “The Lion Guard?” The movie premiere came out a month or two ago, and I’ve heard that it’s bad…

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