My friends, the day at last has come when I cast off the lodestone of artistic credibility that I have carried on my shoulders for so long, and embrace the glorious freedom of unbridled capitalism.
I am selling out, and it feels so GOOD.
“Only capital can deliver freedom and prosperity to the working class!”

“But Mouse, what about your dedication to the eternal revolution!?”

“Only capital can deliver freedom and prosperity to the working class!”

“Only capital can deliver freedom and prosperity to the working class!”



I’ve partnered with the good folks at Ekki Ekki to bring you the Unshaved Mouse online store! Hoodies, mugs, T-shirts and more! We’ve got it all at the Unshaved Mouse store! That’s not our motto, simply a statement of fact. Simply go to the store, select a design, item (T-shirt, hoody, sweatshirt, tank top, mug or phone case) and colour and it’ll be printed to order and shipped straight to you.
What designs? At the moment we’ve got Unshaved Mouse, Spouse of Mouse, Mini-Mouse, Baby Mouse, Unscrupulous Mouse and BluCatt with hopefully more to come.
What better gift for your significant other/child/past self/evil doppelganger/mysterious foe who turned out to be Don Bluth in the end? It’s your only option really.
Mouse out!


  1. How far you’ve come. But, out of curiosity: if it was this or Patreon, why not Patreon? I support quite a few creators via them, and have never encountered any problems.

    1. I was just joking. I don’t have any issue with Patreon. It’s just that I use so much copyright material I don’t know if I could. The store only features characters I own and artwork I commissioned so there’s no ethical issues.

  2. Okay, I’ll sell the clothes off my back to get one of your shirts!
    I’m more worried about the cost of shipping it all the way to Sri Lanka…
    Perhaps you could send me the details?

    1. Yikes. Yeah that’d probably cost you an arm and a leg. I should probably explain that they’re printed to order and shipped from the uk rather than just a huge stack of T shirts sitting in a warehouse somewhere, hence why they’re a little on the pricey side. You could check at the store but I imagine the shipping costs to Sri Lanka would be crazy.

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