1. *siiiiiiiiiiigh* I find myself growing more and more ashamed of some of my countrymen the closer we get to Novemeber.

  2. Growing closer to WWIII, brought to you by Trump, North Korea, ISIS and Putin! Reserve your first row seats now!

    1. Putin? Great, that probably means we in Canada will get first row seats whether we ask for it or not.

      *re-readies DEWline*

      1. Yep. I just keep reading this stuff and I’m basically thinking ‘Thank God I’m in Britain…but how dare you make me feel grateful for David Cameron, America? WTF?’

  3. I’m fully convinced that my countrymen have lost their collective minds. No idea why Trump appeals to people. Chris Chirstie, though. He’s got nothing else to lose. He’ll never win an election again in New Jersey after the bridge thing. I’ll bet he hopes to be a running mate.

    1. I’m mildly afraid that my parents might actually vote for him if the two nominees are Trump and Clinton. They don’t care for Trump but they REALLY seem to hate Clinton. They also don’t think Trump has a chance to win (or at least they didn’t when I talked with them about this at Christmas)

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