Takin’ a break.

I hate letting people down. I do. It’s probably the thing I hate more than anything else. And sometimes I try so hard to not let people down that I don’t realise how hard I’m pushing myself until the wheels are metaphorically flying off. But I’m trying to be better about it which is why I’m going to need to take a little time off the blog. Y’know. Before I push myself too hard and end up taking ALL the time off the blog because I’m a nervous wreck.
I’m fine. It’s fine. It’s all fine.
Work’s just been a little crazy lately. I have other writing projects that are stewing in my brain (both blog and non-blog related). I have scripts to read and notes to give and friends to re-connect with and a daughter and a wife to be with and a life to live. Just need a break is all.
So I’m putting the reviews on hold until 11 August 2016 just so I can get some breathing space. The Devil’s Heir will still update and I’ll still be reading and responding to your comments. Thanks for being cool about this. Oh, and because I owe you all so much, next review will be one I know you’ve all been waiting for.
 See you in August. Mouse out.



    I kid, I kid. If any man/rodent/brainwashed-servant-of-the-specter-of-Disney has earned a break, its the REAL house of mouse.

    But what will I do with my nights now? “Same thing you do every night Nota. Try to sing Lafayette’s lines from Guns and Ships!”

  2. By the time your wheels are flying off it’s way too late, so kudos for recognizing that your alignment’s gone a little wonky. And that’s enough of car metaphors for me.

    Anyway. See you in a month (or so)!

  3. “So I’m putting the reviews on hold until 11 August 2016 just so I can get some breathing space. The Devil’s Heir will still update”

    If you’re taking breathing space, do it full and properly, man. Otherwise it won’t work. I speak from experience.

    Take good care of yourself.

  4. It happens. As long as you are self aware enough to know when to walk to be better for the future, that is the most important thing. Sometimes people take too much focus on the Internet instead of real life.

  5. No worries, you magnificent rodent. We all need a break sometimes. Good luck and see you soon enough.

  6. Have a fun break, Mr Mouse!
    Looking forward to the Zootopia review! I guess playing the game of which-neighborhood-shall-I-live-in-Zootopia? will be pretty easy for you!

  7. Hope you have an awesome break, Mouse, you really deserve it! 🙂 Take as much time as you need. We’ll be here when you’re ready to come back. 🙂

  8. Oh, don’t worry, Mouse! We’ll be waiting for you. You deserve a break! 😀 By the way, you reminded me of this:

    I hope you get the reference! xD

  9. If you need a break, you need a break. It’s not like I can start demanding my money back or anything.

  10. Have a fun break and really nice to inform us when you are coming back. I do not have email notifications since my email is too full already. And so often people just disappear which is kind of annoying.

  11. I understand completely, Mouse. I’m looking forward to your Zootopia review, as are a lot of others here.

  12. Well, Amelia, kudos to you, you officially broke ‘im.

    Ha ha, in all seriousness, take all the time you need. In any case, with the Devil’s Heir back on air, it’ll barely feel like a break.

  13. Take as much time as you need. The reviews are awesome, but you do have your life. We can all look forward to next one for as long as you need.

  14. Hey, I can completely relate to needing to take a break. I’ve been babbling & ranting on my blog for years with sometimes huge gaps between posts. Chalk it up to laziness, a focus on other forums for expression or just plain old “writers block”. My draft posts folder has almost as many entries as I have posts. Enjoy the time off, recharge and come back swinging !!!

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