The wild post has been contained… 

It’s never fun to be woken at four in the morning and told that an unfinished blog post is wandering the Internet in a confused state and with its dangling typos on display to the gawking neighbours. Yes, as many of you noticed, the Thor 2 review published early (well I have only been doing this four years).  Sorry for this unscheduled look at how the sausage is made.


      1. So Thor 2 is Frank Abagnale and you’re Carl Hanratty? I mean, I have no problem comparing you to Tom Hanks, he’s great, but I doubt Thor The Dark World deserves to be Leo.

  1. Hey. it was instructive! Up until now no one really knew how the sausage gets made; we just assumed that it happens.

    So thank you for this glimpse into the room where it happens.

      1. God help and forgive me, I gotta write something that’s gonna outlive me, so what do you want sir, what do you want sir, IF YOU WRITE NOTHING SIR WHAT’S THIS BLOG WALL FOR?!

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