1. Interesting theory, and I especially like how you conveyed it through captioned images.

    Your theory isn’t too far off from pre-Disney canon, as Anakin’s conception was a side-effect of Plagueis trying to take hold of the midi-chlorians the galaxy over while under intense meditation. However, now that the slate has been wiped clean, I think I prefer your take, as it is very much in Palpatine’s character to pull the strings so precisely, so using Plagueis’ teachings to bring someone like Anakin into existence seems like a no-brainer.

    Have you heard the theories surrounding Snoke? My favorite of the bunch is that he is really the spirit of Darth Bane, hellbent on restoring the Sith to its former glory, even if it means violating his revered Rule of Two.

    1. Hadn’t heard that one. Honestly they might not even be building to a reveal. The thing about Kylo Ren and Snoke is that they are NOT Sith (hence not Darth Snoke and Darth Ren). He may just be a new character leading a hitherto unknown faction of force sensitives. That said, if it is a previously named character, I’d rather it were Plagueis.

      1. Actually, the name Darth wasn’t used by the Sith from the time of Darth Revan until the rise of Darth Bane. It was always Lord (Name Here). Bane took the mantle of Darth then killed all the other Sith, then instituted the Rule of Two. A Master, and an apprentice. No more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.

        I think Snoke will turn out to be Plagueis, having saved himself from Palpatine’s treachery.

      2. Actuall, Wardog, the title of ‘Darth’ was roughly equivalent to a Jedi ‘Master’ in terms of rank. Jedi had Padawans, Sith had Apprentices, Jedi had Knights, Sith had Lords, and Jedi had Masters and Sith had Darths. Bane’s rule of two meant that this compressed on the Sith Side so that both existing Sith were typically on or near the same skill level of ‘Darth’ and needed to both have the title so if one fell(without being slain by their apprentice, which would confer the title on them by default), the other could still be able to carry on the Sith tradition. Hence ‘Darth Plagueis’ had the apprentice ‘Darth Sidious’, and ‘Darth Sidious’ had Darths Maul, Tyrannus, and Vader. Snoke and Ren are not Darths, Lords, or Apprentices, and are almost certainly not Sith, or, if they are, it’s possible they abandoned the old title system symbolically.

        Source; Darth Plagueis Novel, The Old Republic Game, Darth Bane Novel, etc.

  2. IIRC, that was actually Lucas’ original plan. He was gonna have Palpatine flat-out say that he created Anakin in that scene and was his father, of sorts. IMHO thankfully he didn’t, since that would make the universe, which already only seems to revolve around the Skywalkers, even smaller.

  3. I’ve heard versions of this theory before, but I gotta say you presented it the best, just letting the moments in the films speak for themselves. Would make a good video, just editing the clips together in this manner.

    Alas, it’s giving a lot of credit to Prequel-era Lucas, the man who invented Jar-Jar, podracing, and “I hate sand”. He was not as good at planning stuff in advance as he pretended. Either that or he had an incest fetish.

    Still, new writers and producers are in charge, so there’s no reason this couldn’t be true NOW. The current films are being made by Star Wars fans, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they are considering ideas very like this to add to the canon.

    1. Ms Mouse has been on a prequel binge recently and there is good in them, I know it. Obviously the dialogue and performances are abysmal but he has a real knack for world building.

  4. Ehhh…can we please not try and make Anikan the center of everything? I very much prefer Anikan just being a regular Jedi who went bad, I mean, that’s kind of what the original trilogy was hinting at instead of this Chosen One Space Jesus nonsense that Lucas threw in there because Darth Vader was such a money maker character and I HATE midichlorians, such a slap in the face to the universal mysticism of the Force the OT established.

    Still, it’s an interesting cool little theory even if I don’t personally consider the Lucas prequels actual canon to the films.

  5. Okay so to clarify, you’re saying that he is Anakin’s father and he manufactured the whole midichlorians dealy as an excuse, and got everyone to fall for it?
    Makes sense. Works thematically too.

  6. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole with the prequels and the greater meaning of all the movies. Take a look at this… I guess essay is the most accurate term but it’s pretty massive, but a great and interesting read.


    Basically it suggests that Lucas built the entire saga to be a cinematic chiasmus, and a lot of the structure of the prequels is a direct mirror of the original trilogy, down to the way they’re shot.

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