Announcing: Mouse goes to War!


So, having tallied the results from the recent poll to see which series of shorts gets reviewed next, I found I had a three way tie between WW2 propaganda, The Censored 11 and Over the Garden Wall with the Fleischer Superman Shorts coming in at a distant fourth.

So I decided to do the propaganda shorts as I figure that it has enough overlap with the other categories to keep the largest number of you happy since some of the Fleischer Superman cartoons and Censored 11 were also war propaganda and so could be covered in this series. And for fans of Over the Garden Wall, I promise I will cover them at some point (Frog and I have been talking about doing them as co-reviews for a while now).

See you on the frontline.




  1. Nothing I’d like better than see the Donald take one for the team.

    And before we get any hate talk going, I mean Donald Duck.

  2. Yay!!!!!!

    So….how many shorts are there? And will you look at foreign war propaganda, too? I mean, there are some Asian animated pieces which fall into the category….

      1. There isn’t a lot, but yes….Japan’s first full-length animated movie “Momotaru” was a propaganda piece which is in itself a sequel to a propaganda short.

      2. *shudder* It’s kind of interesting since the main propaganda channel of the Nazis was the radio. But I guess it makes sense that they would have something in animation, too.

      1. I say Mouse, since they’re German shorts shouldn’t they technically be known as Lederhosen?

  3. Excellent. When are you planning on doing this? Almost caught up on Marvel flicks, will this replace that?

    Guessing that picture was drawn some time around 1942. The Bambi cast would not be my choice to bring into battle with me. We’ve seen what one guy with a gun can do to them.

  4. Yay! At long last the storied wartime career of Thor Putnam, Pimp Hand of the Western Allies, shall be told!

  5. Look, up in the sky – is it a bird? is it a plane? no it’s … Holy Moley, DONALD DUCK was a Jarhead back in the day! (so much for that sailor suit then, false advertising in every stitch).

    In case – Sir, thank you SIR! (Salute, all shipshape and Bristol fashion).

  6. Considering that Donald usually wears a sailor suit, wouldn’t i make more sense for him to be in the Navy?

    1. Clearly the Fleet had gotten wind of the famous McDuck temper and decided that this particular recruit would only be seen at his very best when offered a chance to spearhead the occasional bayonet charge (after all, you don’t waste a fury like that on a service that no longer offers its recruits a real chance at close-quarters combat!).

    2. No because the sailor suit foots the enemy into expecting him to attack by sea — won’t they be surprised when Donald comes charging from behind with a bayonet and army boots!

      (I am completely talking out of my butt; I have no idea why they didn’t make Donald part of the Navy. But I heard the Duck Tales reboot will be fixing that . . . ?)

  7. Master Mouse, having read your excellent series on the diverse Heads of Government who have guided the Irish Republic through its ninety-five years of existence and knowing a little of your taste in entertainment one realised today that I have failed you very badly.

    Mouse, there is a website where a brilliant creative mind has taken the finest scholarship and blended it with great powers of Creation to craft a jewel of speculative History that has enlivened more than one very dull afternoon – a work of craft whose sequel has only just been released, which has itself proven as educational as it is entertaining.

    The name of that article is “In a Mass Knife Fight to the Death Between Every American President, Who Would Win and Why?”

    I heartily recommend it to you and trust that you will enjoy it as much as I have – I don’t know if links posted here will actually work, so please allow me to suggest that you enter the name of the Article itself into Google and drive that search engine in the right direction posthaste.

    Thank me later.

  8. Clearly all that time following the Republic of Ireland’s equivalent to the Prime Minister throughout the history of that state has taught the Unshaved Mouse something of statesmanship!

  9. Goofy isn’t in that picture. So…

    … was Goofy not that well known by then?

    … was Goofy anti-war for some reason?

    … was Goofy not trusted with any war weaponry for quite understandable reasons?

    … or all of the above?

    1. Goofy was definitely well established (he debuted in 1932) and he does seem to have appeared in some propaganda but not much. I honestly can’t say why he’s been left out here (or indeed why Mickey is given such a reduced appearence). I’ve been looking at Disney’s wartime shorts and it really is the Donald Duck show. Maybe Donald was seen as appealing more to adult audiences.

      1. While we might never know just why The Goof failed to show up very often in Wartime Propaganda, that very failure does rather help explain how the poor fellah found himself so deep in trouble after the Big One that he had to employ Valiant & Valiant to pull him out of it …

  10. Mouse, as a murine who knows something of the various Irish Heads of Government (I’m not sure what the plural of “Taoisigh” happens to be and I could not spell the word consistently if I did, for I have not the Gaelic) as well as inflicting more than one Tournament of Death on the unprepared, may I please ask your thoughts on the most suitably-Irish equivalent to the “US Presidential Knife Massacre” would be? (one cannot decide if it should be something like Hurling or Gaelic Football or something less sporting, so I would appreciate your opinions on the subject).

    I keep trying to work out the best possible concept for a British equivalent myself (given the roughly equal opportunities for drunken violence and team-based quibbling “Pub Quiz of the Prime Ministers Past & Present” would seem the most appropriate) but cannot promise to conjure such a delightful prospect from nothingness into existence (given a certain lack of follow-through on my part; I’m so deeply in Love with the Muse that we keep fooling around and neglecting those ideas that inevitably ensue.

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