Thank you all.

We did it.

We have succeeded in raising €1000 to get Mauricio out of Venezuela. Mauricio can now begin getting the necessary paperwork, and, all going well, he should be safely in Colombia in a month or two. I will of course keep you posted.

I know I promised another World War 2 short review when we were fully funded but I have to come clean; I didn’t expect us to be funded so quickly so I haven’t got anything written yet.

Plus, what with what’s currently going on in the States the cartoon I was going to review…

Yeah. It just…doesn’t feel like the right time. Or maybe it’s too right a time.

I dunno. I will continue with this series but when I’m in the kind of head space that I can actually be funny.

In the meantime, enjoy the Hunchback 2 review.

Y’all did good.


  1. I don’t know…this might be the perfect time. Obviously the US can use some history lessons so that they might recognize an obvious racist and right-wing nut BEFORE they elect him.

    1. I think most people recognized Trump as a racist before the election. It’s just some people liked the racism and some liked a stance Trump took on an issue they considered more important than racism (protectionism, the fact that he SOMETIMES criticized American wars that few Americans want to continue, etc). And of course there was the “anyone but Hillary” vote.

      1. Yeah, I know that they recognized the racism. I doubt though that the recognized the danger of this kind of point of view. And the “anyone but Hillary” vote was just stupid when “anyone” means freaking Donald Trump!!

  2. Well, speaking as someone who will have to stay no matter what to see the whole thing burn down to the ground, best of lucks, Mauricio.

    (And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with any of you, I’d be thankful if anyone ever started a fundraiser for me, but my situation and my family’s is… rather complicated to say the least. I’m afraid it couldn’t happen anyway. In the event I ever disappear or something from this site, though, let be known it’s been a blast, everyone. Yes, even you, Frog).

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