Best laid plans of mice…

Hey guys.

So today was supposed to be the joint review of Cabaret by Ms Mouse and myself. Unfortunately, her family have been dealing with a medical emergency and Aoife just hasn’t been able to commit any time to writing the review. She’s asked that we postpone it for the time being and that I should just crack on with the regular reviews. Thanks for your understanding.

This means that there’s no review this week so, by small apology, I’d like to let you guys pick the next review. There’s a poll below, which will close on Friday. These are all movies that I’ll be reviewing at some point anyway, so don’t worry if you’re favourite doesn’t win.

Thanks again, guys.


  1. Hope everything’s alright!

    Making me choose between Thor, X-Men, and the educational Donald Duck short I’ve been secretly obsessed with since childhood?! And me without a 3-sided coin to flip!

  2. Hope whatever’s ailing them won’t last long! I kind of know how you feel, since an uncle of mine ain’t doing so well, either.

  3. I am so sorry to hear what you and Ms. Mouse are going through. Take your time. It’s okay.

    Meanwhile, I can’t choose between Spirited Away and the Donald Duck short. What does that say about me?

  4. I picked X-Men 2. I was going to vote for Spirited Away, but then I thought, “What fun is it to read someone gushing about a movie?”

    1. When it’s Mouse doing it, tons of fun. Have you read his Princess Mononoke review? Probably my favorite thing he’s ever written.

  5. Best of lucks, Mouse.

    I figure your schedule won’t be too easy to handle with those family matters going on right now, so I think the most sensible thing is to vote the shortest piece of the list, the Donald Duck cartoon. So that’s what I’m doing.

  6. Good luck with the family medical emergency. You give us so much entertainment you deserve some time to focus on real life stuff.

  7. Mouse, please allow me to send my condolences for this Family Misfortune – I hope that it will abate, send my Best Wishes to you and yours, in the Hope that this situation will improve or at least that it will grow no worse.

    I hope the rest of your family Keeps Well and that your Loved One will get better.

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