Flight 1: Dublin to Toronto

Length: Seven hours.

Food: Given a choice between pasta and chicken I chose pasta. Last time I had airline chicken it lingered in my stomach like a malign spirit.

Movies watched: The Disaster Artist (more interesting than good), Justice League (bad but they are trying so hard and I can’t help but love it a little) and I, Tonya (just straight up awesome).

Mouse almost fucked up by: Leaving his debit card on a cafe table and nearly crossing the Atlantic without it.

Stray observations:

US customs are sunshine personified as usual.

Toronto seems nice, shame I won’t get to see it.

A dude remarked that no Disney character has two parents just as we touched down. Clearly I arrived in Canada in the nick of time.


      1. Mulan and Moana not only have both parents who live through the entire movie, they both have grandmothers too.

        Simba, Tarzan, Kida, Tiana, Elsa, and Anna all had their parents alive at the beginnings of their respective movies.

        Mr. and Mrs. Banks are fully alive in Mary Poppins, for the live action movies.

        (I know you mentioned Merida already and I know she’s technically Pixar but she’s an official Disney princess now, so “gooble gobble, we accept her, one of us, one of us.”)

  1. Have a good trip! Yes, pasta is always the safer bet on a flight. In fact, I basically become a temporary vegetarian every time I’m on a long flight. All of the risks of crummy food are 10x more dire at 30k feet.

  2. Best Wishes to the Unshaved Mouse and all who travel with him! (By the way, having been in Toronto myself – albeit some years ago and possibly a little more than that! – it IS a rather nice city, though one it being a trifle more eccentric than the other Canadian cities with which I have been acquainted).

    I’m also glad you like JUSTICE LEAGUE – it definitely has all the rough edges and clumsy welds you would expect from a film that appears to have suffered more than its fair share of misfortune during the filming process, but I am quite unashamed to Love it anyway (as mentioned elsewhere I’m a devout DC Flatfoot*) and the cast is definitely worth the price of admission (whatever problems the DCEU may have, it’s Casting Department does not number amongst them).

    Also, is it just me or does Mr Ian McElhatton’s “cameo villain” really have something of Judge Claud Frollo about him?

    *DC = Detective Comics (I keep trying to conjure up a logical counterpart to the “Marvel Zombie” so “Gumshoe” “Bull” and “Flatfoot” all occurred to me – as did “DC ****” but this is supposed to be a website devoted to kid’s cartoons, so self-censoring seems sensible!).

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