Flight 4: Achorage to Valdez

Look at this thing.

That’s the kind of plane you expect to be flown by a wisecracking mercenary with a heart of gold who only accepts payment in treasure maps.

Length: 40 minutes.

Food eaten: Nowt.

Movies watched: No seriously, look at this thing.

Movies? I’m lucky this thing had SEATS.

Mouse almost fucked up by: Caloo calay! Mouse actually flew like an adult this time!

Dawn was breaking as we flew into Valdez and I actually got to see Alaska up close. It’s like flying to Olympus.

God damn.


  1. I’d spend the whole flight looking nervously out the window for Don Karnage and his Sky Pirates.

  2. I flew on a similarly small aircraft from my small town to the big city, about an hour long flight. Said aircraft was lovingly dubbed “the mosquito”. There may have been about 11 seats total.

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