Please patronise me.

Hey guys. So for a while now people have been asking me why I don’t setup a Patreon page and the answer has always been; I’m Irish and the thought of asking people to validate my work by giving me money fills me with shame and causes the ghosts of a thousand nuns to rise from the grave and chase me through the village square demanding to know who the hell I think I am.

But Ms Mouse has been making the point that if i’m going to blow off date night again so I can stay up until 4 AM making Simpsons gifs to illustrate an obscure point about the Disney sequels I might as well get paid for it, y’know?

So here’s the deal, I’ve set up a Patreon thingy and I would like you all to put money in it (please excuse the technical jargon). Now, I’m not gonna lie to you. This is not a big fancy Patreon. It’s not like if you pledge $500 a month you’re going to get a lifetime membership to Unshaved Mouse World in fabulous Tampa (the local planning board are being a bunch of Nazis). This is a one-mouse operation and I don’t have that much to offer other than reviews and um…more reviews. But if you’ve enjoyed the blog these last six years and you feel like you could spare a few shekels it would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks guys



  1. Sorry, I’d really love to, honest, but you already know how it goes, I’m in Venezuela, ergo I’m pretty much slowly dying of starvation by stages.

  2. I’ll keep those nuns off your back.

    I love your writing and you’ve given me a great deal of laughter (and even some joy).

  3. Honestly, I wish more of my fave creators did Patreons. Easier to keep all my contributions in one place than to remember to chuck money in a dozen different tip jars, or buy a t-shirt or something once or twice a year.

    So Unshaved Mouse World isn’t a go just yet? Guess I’ll shelve these designs for the “It’s a Small Bahia After All” ride. Probably for the best, couldn’t find an architect able to build the Penrose Stairs leading up to it, and every puppet builder I showed the character sketches to went mad (I think; they chose to be puppet builders after all, it may have been a pre-existing condition).

  4. Patronise, eh? Hem-hem “Mouse, you have such a NICE little collection of reviews and I’m sure we’re QUITE satisfied with you for overcoming those minor grooming-related difficulties, peculiar obsession with fish and truly appalling hatred for the Oxford Comma to make something QUITE readable for those taking an interest – Jolly Good Work that rodent, truly you are the very best cartoon-watching Irish mouse on the World Wide Webs that you possible can be.” (Was that patronising enough or should I take a few more Toff suppositories?).

    On a less serious note, you do realise that by acquiring a spot of extra income RIGHT NOW you’re losing a perfectly good excuse to postpone Disney Sequels Month until the dread “Moon of Driving Mouse to the Bitter Meridian of Madness” has safely expired, don’t you? (I’m allowed to say that sort of thing now I’m bribing … AHEM supporting you in my own small way).

      1. Thank You for several years of entertainment and the most intriguing tidbits of trivia! (please pardon my very small initial contribution – I’m contributing to a number of other fellows on Patreon and my income is fairly modest, though one might be able to upgrade my contribution if works continues to go well).

        By the way, I’m not sure if you get it on the other side of St George’s (’tis a BBC production which isn’t DOCTOR WHO, you see, and I’m not sure a Patriotic Irish-mouse is allowed to pay attention to anything less from Auntie Beeb) but there’s a new series of UPSTART CROW to be aired this week and since it’s about three parts Shakespeare to two parts BLACKADDER, one suspects it would be very hard for this show to be even more your sort of thing (it even has animated titles!).

        This may well be a Major Assumption (on the order of suspecting your favourite Bond HAS to be Pierce Brosnan*), but one hopes you’ll get a chance to take a look and let me know if one should start renting room at the local stable and start calling myself “Nick” for reasons that should be obvious to all students of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM and truly labyrinthine puns (and will therefore be entirely obvious to you, Good Mouse, a past master of both).

        *Well come on, he’s both the only Irish Bond to date and happens to be so handsome even I noticed … for the record Mr Brosnan is actually one of my two favourite 007s (the other is Sir Roger Moore – with Mr Dalton growling at Mr Craig for a chance at Joint Second place).

  5. There’s your pocket money, little mouse. Now run along and play.

    Srsly though, those are some generous rewards for the price of a coffee and bickie to dunk in it.

      1. I hope you can keep up with these requests.

        What’s it gonna be: masterpiece or, like, Space Shrimps 4: Prawn of the Dead?

      2. Kidding, kidding.

        Inside Out pls. If no one has taken it already. If they have, let’s go for the technically-fine-but-Mouse-will-hate-it category and do… Madagascar?

  6. Alright, cool, you are my very first Patreon pledge! I hope this system works out for you.

    Is it more practical and convenient for you to make requests through this website, or through Patreon itself?

  7. You shouldn’t worry about the nuns. The OSW Review guys are all Irish, and they practically make their money at Patreon…ALL OF IT!

  8. Is this blog worth the cost of a coffee and a snack per month? Hell yes.

    (Now to try to figure out what recommendations I’d ask for…hmmm. I may need to farm this out to friends.)

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