1. Merry Christmas wonderful blog!

    Do you plan on giving your thoughts on the new Watership Down series eventually?

  2. Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building and Lo-I mean blog!

    I may have had too much Jimmy Stewart and also drink this Christmas.

  3. All the Joy of the Season and a Very Happy New Year to you Mouse! (I hope that you’ve been able to enjoy AQUAMAN and/or INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE or will be able to do so; having seen both films in the past two days, one would like to say that both of them are enjoyable but that AQUAMAN is my particular favourite*).

    *I admit to being a DC mark and quite unapologetically so, but AQUAMAN has an octopus playing the drums and a Titanic Sea Monster voiced by the original Mary Poppins – what more can a man ask for?

      1. I thought it very good, would certainly grade it “Best Looking” but not BEST EVER (except perhaps as a Proof of Dafoe’s Law* given how quickly Chris Pine’s character bites the dust!).

        * “Marvel Villain must a DC Hero be” (also Vice Versa).

  4. Hey, Mouse! I didn’t really know where else to ask this but I was wondering if you’ve seen the new Netflix/BBC version of Watership Down yet, and if so what your thoughts are on it?

  5. By the way, I have just watched ANT-MAN on Television; definitely a fun caper movie, but one where the entire cast appear to be painfully handicapped when it comes to planning EVERYTHING – one suspects it to be a strong original on which a sequel can substantially improve.

    It also explains so, so much about SUPERMAN V BATMAN that they had to settle for postmodern Luthor because Classic Lex was busy working with the Opposition.

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