20/20 0scar Winners!

So, obviously, when I said “I’ll post the results of the 20/20 Oscars on Oscar Night” I meant “I’ll contract food poisoning and spend all day violently vomiting and wishing for the sweet release of death”. But hey, better to do that because of spoiled chicken than seeing Green Book win Best Movie, right?

“Mouse, did you even see Green Book?”

“No, I was making a cheap joke. I’m sure it’s just grand.”

Actually, if you’re interested, here’s my opinion on all the nominees:

Blackkklansman: Saw it, loved it.

The Favourite: Haven’t seen it but the trailer gave off a definite “Death of Stalin” vibe so I am in.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Occasionally rises to “guilty pleasure”.

Vice: Haven’t seen it, impressions are bad.

A Star Is Born: Haven’t seen it, heard great things.

Roma: Ditto.

Black Panther: Yeah it’s great but with the benefit of hindsight I don’t think it should have won. It wasn’t the best superhero movie ever. Heck it wasn’t the best superhero movie released this year. Double heck, it wasn’t even the best superhero movie this year featuring a black Marvel superhero and an all-time great hip hop soundtrack.

Best comic book movie ever. Fight me.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a historic record righted. Please give a warm welcome to our host, Kevin Hart!

“1999 was a great year for the art of movie-making…”

“Mouse? How did you get Kevin Hart?!”

“I dunno. He was going real cheap and I didn’t ask questions.”

“…in conclusion, this is what my life has come to. And now the winners.”

Best Supporting Actress

Angelia Jolie- Girl Interrupted. (Retained)

Best Supporting Actor

Haley Joel Osmond- The Sixth Sense

Best Actress

Hilary Swank – Boys Don’t Cry (Retained)

Best Actor

Denzel Washington- The Hurricane

Best Director

Okay, so this is awkward. Best Director was a tie between the Wachowskis for the Matrix and…John Lasseter for Toy Story 2. And while I am of course aware of the allegations against Lasseter the fact remains that I do think Toy Story 2 is the better movie so…

“Mouse, Emma Thompson just stormed off the blog!”

“The Wachowskis it is!”

Best Film

Toy Story 2

“Aaaand there she goes. Man, she is not happy.”

“So that’s what it feels like to be called a “Mazerunner” by a two-time Oscar winner”.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Be sure to tune in next year when we re-assess the smouldering garbage fire that was 2000s cinematic output. Until then, goodbye from me SMOWE and new permanent recurring character Kevin Hart!

“Man. Fuck twitter.”


  1. So you were always only going to do those 6 categories? I was expected follow up posts with more.

    The Animated film category is the one I most love trashing the Oscars over, almost any year that award should go to an Anime.

    And no Score or Music categories? Those are pretty important. I no darn well Phantom Menace would have at least won that.

      1. You wound up giving best film to an Animated movie. if I’d known that was allowed I’d have wrote in Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku which is infinetly better then any Toy Story film in every way.

        The confusing thing about Anime films is their alegablity tends to be deiced base don American release date, hence it being for 2017 that Anime fans were hoping A Silent Voice would be nominated.

        For whatever year you would count Pokemon 3, that is the best film to come out that year, it is in my view easily one of the top 4 greatest films of all Time, it’s better then Citizen Kane and better then The Godfather.

      2. You know, when you had the boldness to say Shoujo Kakumei Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku was “better then any Toy Story film in every way,” I was genuinely intrigued. But then you ended with saying Pokemon 3 was “in my view easily one of the top 4 greatest films of all Time, it’s better then Citizen Kane and better then The Godfather,” I am back to being skeptical.

        I’ll still check out Shoujo, though. XD

  2. Spider-Verse was my favorite movie of last year. Loved it. Actually got me to read mainstream superhero comics. I’m looking forward to the day you end up reviewing it.

    Not my favorite: The Favourite. Not really the place but I just tell everyone how much I hated it every time it’s tangentially mentioned.

    Anyway, Spider-Verse really good. Also, read Spider-Gwen, it’s good for you.

    1. I mean, reading is good for YOU, but not good for poor Gwen. Latour just couldn’t help but to keep digging into that angst well as the series progressed. I actually dropped out towards the end of his run, it had gotten too bleak for me. I have heard the series is on an upswing following the “Ghost-Spider” rebrand, so I might get back on board soon enough.

  3. The Oscars were kind of a dumpster fire this year. I’m not super salty about any of the winners (mostly because I didn’t see Green Book or Bohemian Rhapsody), though I did see BlacKKKlansman and The Favourite and liked both so I was hoping for one of those.

    I honestly think Black Panther not winning was for the best. Not because I don’t like it, I LOVE it, but the backlash against it winning would have been huge. A lot of people will take any excuse to declare that movie overrated (can’t imagine why), and this would have added so much fuel to the flame war. Now we can go back to generally agreeing it was a really really good movie, because we don’t need to justify calling it the best movie of the year.

    But Spiderverse, yes. That movie was an experience and a half, and I’m so glad it won.

  4. Black Panther was the best live action superhero movie this year, and I will fight anyone over this.
    (Just kidding, but also not, Infinity War bored me to death and I can’t wait until they undue everything in the next movie.)

    Never seen Green Book, and I don’t plan to. I have seen The Favorite, Blackkklansman, and Black Panther. You should watch The Favorite.

    1. I second this. Natalie Portman should have won for best actress and it should have at least been nominated for visual effects..

  5. While I’m as crestfallen as the next animation nerd over Mr. Lasseter’s transgressions, I can abide with the Wachowskis taking Best Director with Toy Story 2 taking Best Film. While Lasseter certainly had his work cut out at the time, the late 90’s being quite a load of work for him to put up with and the rushed production of TS2 being the cherry on top, TS2 was very much a group effort, with the whole of Pixar firing on all cylinders to make sure not only was this mandate of a sequel be made on time, but that it would be good.

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