An announcement I have been waiting to make since I was eight years old.

Hi everyone. When I made my big end of year humblebrag a while back there was actually another bit of news that I couldn’t tell you because negotiations were still ongoing. So here it is.

I’ve been signed by TOR for a two book deal.

One of the largest publishers of science fiction in the world offered to publish my novel When the Sparrow Falls (until recently called The Caspian Sea) for summer 2021 with a second book for publication in summer 2022 and I said “Yes. I find this agreeable.”

This deal will be for North America and most of the world. For the non-American Anglosphere, the book will be published by Rebellion, the UK publisher of Judge Dredd.


How’s you’re day going?

So, obviously this means I’m going to be spending a lot of time on edits and writing book #2 over the next three years as well as my usual work commitments.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone else?”

“Hi Dad!”

“Hi son! Are you still pooping literally all the time?”

“I am!”

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Guys I hate to say it but it looks like I might have to shutter the blog…

“Whoah whoah, are you actually just going to throw away your hardwon fanbase RIGHT before you begin your career in publishing?”

“Not good?”

“Bit not good, yeah.”


“Angry mob!?”


Okay. EVERYBODY CHILL! HERE is what I’m going to do:


So I’ve put a pause on the Patreon and any patrons are not getting charged for June. Starting now I won’t be taking any more review requests because I already have a massive backlog. If you’re waiting for a review it WILL be done, but it’ll take time and with one book to be edited and a second one to be written over the next two years I will be shifting to a new schedule which means I simply can’t take any more reviews on.

SO. If you’re a $5 or a $10 Patron now would probably be a good time to cancel your pledge as I’m afraid I won’t be able to fulfill any new review requests.

New Schedule

After the conclusion of the Endgame review the blog will be shifting to an alternating monthly/bi-monthly schedule. As in, one month there’ll be one review, the next there will be two and then one again. I’m hoping this will just be temporary. I’m planning on taking a leave of absence from work later in the year to focus on being a full time writer and…wow I just wrote that. Really happening. Sorry, back on track. As I say, I will hopefully be shifting back to a twice monthly schedule in the Autumn but that will obviously depend on deadlines, workloads etc. etc.

Pending Reviews

Over the next few days I’ll be posting the complete list of scheduled, requested reviews. If you’ve requested a review that you don’t see listed leave me a comment and I’ll add it in. The reviews WILL be done, I promise.

Thank you all

Guys, some of you have been with this blog since the days when I didn’t even know how to properly crop an image. I would not be the writer I eventually became without your support. It’s been a crazy, wonderful eight years. Thank you all so much. Virtual group hug. Bring it in.


  1. Dear Mouse, at this point I was about to raise high my goblet and cry “May the most you wish for be the very least you get” but at this point that would seem downright redundant! (-:

    Congratulations on your promotion and all my best to the Clan Mouse – Mrs, Miss, Young Mister and yourself.

  2. Congratulations, Mr. Sharpson. Very well deserved.

    Please keep us posted about the book, so I can buy a copy ASAP. Your writing is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to there being more of it in the world.

  3. Also, is it that you did some Angel a good turn all unawares or did you simply catch out one of the Good People in some bit of mischief? Clearly such Good Fortune has to have some hilariously Folkloric origin! (-;

  4. That’s amazing news mouse. Congratulations, you have definitely earned it.

    Look forward to reading your books! Take care.

  5. Congrats, Mouse! Even though I was only your voice for a short time, I loved the experience. Can’t wait to see where you go from here.


    If you need a voice for the audiobooks, you know where to find me… 😉

  6. Congratulations, Mouse! That’s amazing! 😀

    Concerning the blog, just drop a line now and then to let us know you’re alive. Seriously. (Years ago there was a messageboard I was on and one of the popular posters suddenly stopped posting. We later found out they had died. So now I get paranoid about long silences online.)

  7. A long-time reader and lurker (since those amazingly extensive Disney retrospectives). Many congrats- you are a true talent!

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