Peace on Earth, good will to all…

I’ve been doing end of year recaps on this blog for a few years now and I’m always a little torn when I sit down to write one. On the one hand, it’s satisfying to just take stock of everything that I managed to get through/accomplish/survive in the past 12 months. But it also feels a little self-involved.

Not this year though. This year it feels incredibly narcissistic.

Like, here’s what I did on my little blog during one of the most significant years of the post war era that will surely go down as a major inflection point in human history.

Even as the first vaccines are being rolled out, the pandemic’s impact will be felt in every sphere of human existence for years to come; be they political, economic, social or enviromental. I think (God, I hope) it’s the closest that any of us under the age of 75 will come to living through a world war. There is this massive, impossibly huge, impossibly terrible thing looming over all aspects of our lives and everything from planning a wedding to going to the shops for milk has been warped by it.

And yet, despite the horrendous loss of life worldwide, I find that I’m far more optimistic about the future at the end of 2020 than I was at the start, and not just because of America’s half-throated rejection of Trumpism, the resilience of our social fabric to the disease and the borderline miraculous scientific achievement of creating a safe vaccine in less than a year.

I hope and pray that things are starting to turn a corner.

Anyway, here’s what I did on my little blog this year.

In 2020 I reviewed 1 Canon Disney movie, 3 MCU movies, 1 X-Men movie, 3 animé, 4 live action movies (not counting 1 review where my brother very kindly stepped in), 4 non-Disney animated features and 1 animated series.

Also, we had two instalments of Bats Versus Bolts, covering the silent era and the 2010s.

Oh, and I reviewed a newly discovered episode of The Rimini Riddle and lived to tell of it.

It was definitely a year when I stepped outside of my comfort zone and thanks to reader requests I discovered plenty of films that I might not have otherwise had a chance to enjoy, including the best film I reviewed this year and now one of my all time favourites; Night of the HunterOf course, reader requests also dragged the soggy carcass of Mars Needs Moms, to my door, so it was a mixed bag. All in all though, I felt this year I reviewed a stronger crop of movies than any year since I reached the end of the Disney Canon.

While I ended up posting a lot less this year what with the new baby and taking on a lot of new writing work, I hope you enjoyed what I did manage to post this year and hopefully I’l be able to devote more time to the blog in 2021 (hah!).

I hope, despite the incredible and often heart-breaking turmoil of last year you were able to find your own moments of joy and triumph. If not, I hope 2021 is your year.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading and commenting and letting me know you’re all out there.

Have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas.

Nollaig shona daoibh go léir,









  1. Merry Christmas! I just wanted to express my gratitude to the entertainment and insight your blog brought me this year, especially in light of the cacophony of diasters, near-disasters, and assorted awfulness. Good entertainment kept me sane in this time of social isolation, and credit where credit is due, its mostly you and Netflix that prevented a Overlook Hotel situation.

  2. My compliments on all your excellent work and a Very Merry Christmas & a Happier AD 2021 to all around the Unshaved Mouse, his own family & my fellow admirers of the murid himself!

  3. Merry Christmas for you and your family Mouse.
    I too hope for something better in the future, even if 2021 isn’t the year for most people we can at least hope it was better than the last.

  4. Here’s to hoping you have a great year ahead too!

    I’ve been reading this blog since April 2014 and owe you thanks to shaping much of my humour and writing style!

  5. Oh dear Mouse, as a resident of the US believe me it’s not over. It’s just begun. There is talk of a civil war since we Democrats ousted their dictator. He’s just sitting back an waiting and watching his people. In the debate he already called out the Proud Boys, so who’s next. We’ve had a bombing in Nashville Tennessee. It was by a relay station that handled calls for police dispatch. Dispatch was out for 24+ hours. I think it was just a test to see if it would work and what would happen. I’m worried as are most intelligent people. Trump can’t be trusted. He taught us that these past 4 years. The bible reads that the love of money is the root of all evil. He loves money and he is about all the evil I can stand. Time will tell. I pray that all will be well but I am not holding out hope. Fortunately we have a new president and vice president that will do their best. If we, the Democrats, can take Georgia on 1/5 I will feel better.
    Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and that ’21 is the best year every.
    Merry Christmas and a safe and magical New Years.

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