A poem.

Former President Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump (former)

Donald Trump, former president.

The ex-president, DJ Trump.

Donald Trump, 45th of 46 US Presidents, thus far.

The last guy.

The previous occupant.

Donald Trump, who was president, and is no more.

And is no more.


  1. Short, sweet, and an excellent Kronk-esque vibe to it.

    Oh riiight, the poison,
    the poison for Trump,
    the poison specifically chosen to…turn Trump into a llama.
    Trump’s poison.
    …that poison?

  2. Not so fast, Mouse! He’s only fooled you! On March 4th, he will reveal all the voter fraud and assume his rightful role as First Dictator of the US!

    …in case you didn’t pick up on it, that was sarcasm. But that’s what the Internet is telling these dumbasses to believe.

    1. Some of them also believe Joe Biden is actually Trump in disguise as they switched faces. All of their political views come straight out of nineties movies.

  3. ‘ex-President Trump’ has a fine ring to it (though ‘failed Candidate 2016’ would have had an even sweeter ring and ‘convicted criminal’ would have the sweetest ring of all); brethren, sisters and significant others, let us pray he REMAINS an ex-President and work to make it so.

    Be damned to him and be done with him.

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