I promise I will make this up to you…





I know I haven’t been posting a lot this year.

I hear your concerns and they are valid.

Here’s what’s been happening. As you almost certainly know (because I have not been subtle), my first book is coming out at the end of June. What you may not know is that my second novel was actually originally due to be submitted to the publisher THIS month. Now, they very kindly agreed to give me an extension what with the once-in-a-generation global pandemic. Here in Ireland creches and schools have only recently re-opened so I’m only catching up on writing now.

Basically, I’m racing a June deadline with a good chunk of the book still be written. Coupled with that, I’ll be doing a lot of guest posts and interviews and whatnot to promote When the Sparrow Falls. So for the time being, the monthly update schedule will have to remain. (Man, remember when I used to post reviews weekly? Seriously, that happened, I went back and checked).


Once the second book has been handed in and Sparrow has taken flight, I’ll be diving headfirst back into the blog. Because dammit, I really want to. I miss talking with you guys, I miss writing about animation, I miss the whole Mouse scene, daddio.

We will be doing Raya. We will be doing Wandavision. We will be doing Disney series galore. We will be doing X-Men and Bolts versus Bats and all the promised reviews. I’m also planning on doing posts that aren’t reviews necessarily; like the Rabbit Rhapsody/Cat Concerto controversy, why The Book Job is the best latter season Simpsons episode and why the “You lose, good day sir!” scene in Willy Wonka is perfection. I miss doing stuff like that. Like I miss doing lots of stuff lately.

But you know what? This week I told the job that I’ve been working in for thirteen years that I was going on a four year career break to finally pursue my dream of becoming a full time writer.

Infection numbers are going down, vaccination numbers are going up.

And for the first time in a long time, the future is starting to look real bright.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here before too long.

Thanks for being so understanding.


Oh, and next month I’ll be doing a little event called: FUCK IT I’M DOING ALL THE ANIMÉ

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Review | Den of Geek

I have a load of random episodes from different animé series to review so fuck it, let’s put that Crunchy Roll account to good use.


  1. My Hero Academia? Good choice! (Holding out hope for Tiger Mask W and/or Wolf’s Rain someday…even though it’s not likely.)

  2. I’m glad we’ll be seeing more of you soon, Mouse. I’ve actually been going back through your reviews recently when I’m bored at work.

      1. Lebron James: My family was killed by some warlock who turned a man into a mouse. I presume the mouse is in league with him, so I will kill him with the power of a movie. It will create a new Horned King to banish him into another realm where he will review A Troll in Central Park.

    1. Lebron may be a worse actor than Michael Jordan, which is impressive and can only be possible if done on purpose.

  3. congrats on being able to chase your dreams, Mouse. may you find the success you deserve. take all the time you need to get your ducks in a row; the blog will be here when you get back.

    on a completely unrelated note, the Song of the South review seems to have fallen down the memory hole. it doesn’t show up when i search, and links to it in other articles go nowhere. did you take it down?

  4. The world’s still a crazy place, so glad we may finally being seeing a glimmer of light in the distance. You take whatever time you need to make it to that light with your sanity intact, as we all must.

    Looking forward to the book! If there’s a silver lining to the past year, it’s that I’ve finally found the time to catch up on my reading list, and now I get the rare pleasure of adding more to it rather than feeling guilty about ignoring it.

  5. I love your blog mouse. You have no idea of how much joy your reviews have brought me, especially in these difficult times what with the coronavirus and what not. I am really glad you have found success in your writing and wish you all the best! Take your time, we will wait patiently.

  6. Great to hear all round, and congratulations on being able to go to writing full time for the time being! That’s awesome news. Though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the weekly updates, I still have to do my yearly reread of your archive, so that plenty to be getting on with, and I appreciate the high quality of the monthly reviews you’ve been doing.

  7. I mean, you recognize the glory of The Book Job so all is absolutely forgiven.
    Good luck on the book!

  8. As the first blog I ever read on the first smart phone I ever bought, all I can say is ‘Yay’ for all your success! Glad to see you back in full form. Can’t wait to read your book.

  9. You realize this post has tempted fate in pretty much all possible ways conceived by mankind, do you?

    Here where we sit right next to Brazil, infections are higher than ever from a new variant that apparently just laughs at the vaccines, and previous variants have proved they run across the world as they please, so, while I don’t want to ruin on anyone’s parade, well…

  10. My Hero Academia? To my understanding that’s one of the least annoying shonens so good choice Mouse.
    Though I thought you might tackle another Miyazaki.

  11. As long as you don’t just vanish and leave the blog hanging (like sadly some bloggers and YouTubers I love) it’s just fine and good for you for your books. Although I hope a return to Disney asap 😉

  12. You mean you’re prioritizing something that both fulfills a lifelong dream and simultaneously pay the bills over watching movies of varying quality in order to blog about them?

    Ehh, I guess I can see my way to that. 😉

  13. Mouse,

    You stuck with us and kept the blog alive when you had every right to close it down–particularly in light of last year’s events. As a longtime fan, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. Whatever you decide to do, I send you my best wishes as you go forward and congratulations on all of your recent success!

  14. No apology necessary. What you’ve put out this year has been great. All of the best with your books.

  15. Hey Mouse, didn’t know where to post this, so here:

    Have you ever seen the biographical drama Walt Before Mickey? Would you be willing to write a review of it? It doesn’t have animation, but it’s a wonderful film about your idol. Pleeeeease?

    *Gives world’s biggest puppy eyes*

      1. Five years Mouse?! You are so cruel. Where’d I leave those darn mousetraps? …Oh right, Beauty and the Beast.

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