Book Launch (Last one, I promise)

On 27 July 5 PM (Irish Time), Trilby Black, Daniel Bensen and I will be celebrating the birth of our book triplets! Join us for chat, readings and raffles! Entry is a mere $5 which will go towards your next purchase from Magers and Quinn! Link HERE.

About Interchange: A year ago, Anne Houlihan uncovered a wormhole to Junction, a patchwork planet of competing alien biomes. Now, she and Daisuke are going back to investigate “The Howling Mountain,” the possible location of a wormhole into space. Her mission headed by an eccentric millionaire, Anne believes she will have a chance to learn more about the origin of Junction and its varied ecosystems. The mission has purposes beyond what she knows, however, and so does the planet. As the expedition tears its way across the alien landscape, Anne must fight to protect its lifeforms, herself, and the Earth.

Daniel M. Bensen writes science fiction, alternate history, and fantasy. He is the author of Junction, its sequel Interchange, the comic book First Knife, and the Sidewise award-winning short story “Treasure Fleet.” He resides in Sofia, Bulgaria with his daughters, wife, and in-laws in the Balkan Tower of Matriarchy.

About Finnegan’s Awake: Since birth, Rain Wooten has been trained by her secret-agent parents to hate and destroy the enemies of America. But when a pizza delivery turns into an armed kidnapping gone wrong, she is thrust into the world of normal people, where right and wrong are no longer so clear, and reality is even harder to determine.

Trilby Black is an academic science editor who previously worked in astronautics, blue-sky research, and academia, with stints between running a wooden passenger ferry, teaching math in the local youth prison, and raising two children. She has lived in Colorado, France, Texas, and the UK. Currently, she works and lives with her family in Suffolk, England. Finnegan’s Awake is her first novel.

About When the Sparrow Falls:



  1. Mouse! I have consumed your literary offering and am pleased!

    Seriously though, hell of a good read. Loved the setting, the worldbuilding, the main cast, and even found a lot of the supporting characters very engaging. Also loved the balance between a serious sci-fi story and some of your excellent humor (totally caught the “only the parts that weren’t on fire” gag you’ve used a couple of times on this blog). Naturally I left a positive review on Amazon, but I also wanted to tell you “in person” as it were, how much I enjoyed it.

    Here’s hoping your career as a novelist has many such opuses, and that one day I can shake your hand, buy you a beer, and get you to sign my copy.

  2. You ever read a book and find yourself wondering if it’s a work of genius that everyone needs to read, or if it just happened to hit you a certain way?

    I’m going to need all of you to pick up a copy of When The Sparrow Falls, so I can find out

    Personally, I loved it. It’s a fantastic mix of The Case of Comrade Tulayev mixed with Battlestar Galactica. I highly recommend that everyone get a copy.

  3. Psst, Sarcastic Map of Wartime Europe, you might want to be careful about making exclamations like that around Mouse – what with him having taken to bringing the Good News to the masses and the recent discovery that he’s a demigod (*), that sort of thing might go to his head! (-;

    (*In the last cartoon review, casual fans).

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