I’m speaking at New York Comic Con!

Hi all! This year as part of New York Comic Con, there will be a virtual discussion on AI and Cyberspies featuring Martha Wells (Hugo winner), Becky Chambers (Hugo winner), John Scalzi (Hugo winner), (Hugo winner) and Neil Sharpson (has a blog).

Join us at 10AM Eastern Time, 7th of October, more info HERE.


  1. Congratulations, Mouse, on this latest honour!

    (Also, might I please ask if you think that a joke with the punchline “He’s from Dublin, he’s a Viking on his granny’s side!” could work?

    My mental image was that somebody hadn’t even taken a drink at his own party, was being gently teased by a friend that those who stay dry at their own party get cast out if Valhalla; another person chips in to say “He’s Irish, not Viking!” which leads to the punchline.

    Might I please ask if this strikes you as mildly funny or just annoying?).

    Anyway, Best Wishes to you and your family; when the time comes, break a leg!

    1. Yeah, it could work. As with any joke it comes down to delivery. Also, I’m not sure how well known Dublin’s history as a Viking settlement is outside of Ireland.

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