You boy! What day is this?

The Year of Grace 2021 has finally come to an end and I think I speak for most of us when I say: Showed Improvement, Less Virus Next Time.

Still though. Marginally less existential dread this go round and that’s always welcome.

Personally, this was a HUGE year for me. Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about.


That’s right. I binged the ENTIRE series of Yes Minister.

Oh, and I also finally quit my awful job and published my first novel.

Sarcastic Map of Wartime Europe

“Wow, that wouldn’t happen to be When the Sparrow Falls, currently available in all good bookstores?”

[Comm] Unshavedmouse alt

“That’s the one.”

Sarcastic Map of Wartime Europe

“The same When the Sparrow Falls that was voted one of the ten best Science Fiction novels of 2021 by The Times?

[Comm] Unshavedmouse alt

“Do you know, I think it was?”

Sarcastic Map of Wartime Europe

“Wow! Must have done GREAT at the Hugos!”

[Comm] Unshavedmouse alt


[Comm] Unshavedmouse alt


Anyway, huge thanks to everyone who read the book, your support means so, so much. Special thanks to Wrath of the Iotians, Cory Doctorow, John Scalzi, Max Gladstone and The Quill to Live crew who were so, so supportive and really went above and beyond promoting Sparrow. Thank you all.

Anyway, movies

In 2021 I reviewed 1 Canon Disney movie, 1 MCU movie, 2 X-Men movies, 1 animé, 2 live action movies, 3 non-Disney animated features, 1 Bats Versus Bolts and 2 animated series.

Yeah, fine, I reviewed fewer movies than probably any year in the blog’s history BUT, you can’t deny there wasn’t a lot of shameless, book related self-promotion (on a serious note, Book 2 has been pushed back to April 2023 due to supply chain issues so I will try to update more regularly).

Whereas 2020 represented (I felt), a high watermark in terms of the quality of the movies I reviewed, 2021’s crop ranged from the mostly mediocre to the truly, catastrophically bad. Picking a best movie is a genuine challenge. Logan is one of those really good films that I…just…don’t…enjoy or want to see again so that leaves Evangelion as my pick for favourite movie that I reviewed this year.

Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 22.59.34

I mean, you know I’m lying. But shush.

Worst movie? You know what it was. I don’t even need to say its name. Shout it out, on three. One! Two! Three!


Incredible film. Jaw-droppingly terrible. Genuinely impressively awful.

So that’s it. I hope you all had a wonderful year and that 2022 will be even better. Oh, speaking of.


What, you think I’m getting old alone?

Anyway, have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas.

Nollaig shona daoibh go léir,



  1. Congrats, and Merry Christmas, and other varieties of well-wishes and thanks! Always a good read to be had ’round these parts, I find, regardless of the subject matter. 😁

    That said. This post’s gave me a brief hope of a review of Muppet’s Christmas Carol….then I felt like you had already done so and I had just forgotten. But apparently, I’m just delusional… 😵‍💫

    Well, never mind that nonsense, and hope to see you soon! Metaphorically speaking. 😉

  2. A Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mouse.

    Loved your book, totally looking forward to the next one.

    We need more love stories featuring a scene where a member of the couple must reveal the terrible truth: that they are not actually Satan and never were. It’s an aspect of relationships that doesn’t get addressed enough in fiction.

    And we need fewer movies like Felix the Cat. There’s only one, but we still need fewer.

    Here’s to 2022 being filled with happiness, health, and Unshaved Mouse content.

  3. On a semirelated note,I watched Encanto today, and would like to give my quick spoilerless opinion: Beautiful movie, Most of the songs are… not great, although one of them are pretty good. Wish the movie had a bit more conviction on the ending. When it tries to be funny, it’s funny; When it tries to be dramatic, it’s dramatic. All in all, pretty OK.

  4. Please allow me to wish health, wealth and happiness to the mousiest house of the Emerald Isle, most particularly to all that dwell within it – may AD halve your problems and double your blessings!

  5. Well, I bought your book as a Christmas gift for my amazing girlfriend, so I contributed to your happiness somewhat. Merry Christmas and such, Mouse!

  6. Happy New Year!

    Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are my fave British sitcoms ever! Did I say sitcoms? I meant documentaries.

    10 years next year? Wow! I still remember when I first discovered you. You were the inspiration for me to create a WordPress account as well as to start my own blogs. Happy 10th, my good man!

    1. Mouse, might one lease ask if you’ve watched THE THICK OF IT? (I’m given to understand that it hits many of the same marks as YES

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