When the Sparrow Falls Paperback now available for Pre-Order!

Hey all!

Mouse! What news?

When the Sparrow Falls will be coming out in paperback this summer so if you wanted to get a copy and money was tight or your pacifist principles forbid you from owning a book that can also be used as a lethal weapon YOUR TIME IS NOW.

Better yet, Barnes and Noble are holding a sale on all pre-order paperbacks from April 20th to April 22nd!

By Granthar’s Hammer, what a savings! How do I avail?

Use the coupon code PREORDER25 and you will get a stonking great 25% off the price.

Mouse, I want to order this book but I have a rare condition where touching paper causes me to psychically commune with the trees that were murdered to create it.

That’s a hell of a thing, buddy, but you can also pre-order the E-Book version HERE.


Sigh. Audiobook version HERE.


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