Pain bad Mouse no Mouse

“Follow me, and I will be thy guide,
And lead thee hence through the eternal place,
Where thou shalt hear the desperate lamentations,
Shalt see the ancient spirits disconsolate,
Who cry out each one for the second death…”
“Hold up Virgil, who’s that?”
“Oh, that’s the Unshaved Mouse, he got a tooth extracted and the painkillers ain’t doing shit, poor bastard.”
“But look down here, everyone who was ever mean to you is suffering eternally!”

Greetings traveller and welcome to my Stygian abyss of eternal suffering where I endure agonies that no one could possibly understand.

“I pushed two whole humans out of my funzone for you.”

MY POINT IS I was planning on posting a review on Alice in Wonderland 2010 this week but since the tooth I had removed was apparently the special magical tooth that stops me feeling pain all the time, I will have to delay sharing that movie with you. Which is monstrously unfair, because why should I be the only one to suffer?

Anyway instead of that, please enjoy this post I was saving for the ten year anniversary of the blog next month, a look at one of the most fascinating controversies in the history of animation; Rabbit Rhapsody and The Cat Concerto.

Keep me in your prayers, that I may someday be delivered to the light.

“Hey, why is everyone in Hell Italian, anyway?”


  1. Clearly Signore Alighieri hasn’t noticed that Hell’s PR department laid on a Grand Tour custom-tailored to his kinks purely for their own nefarious purposes (“Hey, wait a minute, we only get mentioned in the Bible – we need some definition STAT!”) but that does seem to be the most cartoonish possible interpretation of the situation.

    I wonder what the cosmic equivalent of a Potemkin village ought to be called?

  2. By the way, Mouse, my condolences on your condition and Best Wishes for your speedy recovery – I hope the rest of your House are doing well?

  3. Oh you got a tooth pulled? Oh you poor baby, makes my having to get all four wisdom teeth pulled out feel like nothing.

    In all seriousness, get better soon Mouse.

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