No, it’s not a real website, and why in God’s name did you click on this?


    1. I know, I saw the link and wanted to see what the Mouse does for “entertainment” and clicked on it.

      I’ve been had, and feel bad.

  1. Oh, don’t you give me that disapproving look, Cleo! We all know Mouse has had the hots for you for almost two years now (despite being married with a mouseling) and here you are, in cahoots with him!

    . . . what else have you been doing for Mouse, Cleo? Hmmmmm? *turns on interrogation lamp*

      1. (Nicely played, btw. With a website name like that, nobody with more than a smidgeon of morbid curiosity could resist! πŸ™‚ )

  2. thought process –> ‘wait… is this real? this can’t be real… the mouse would never… oh, haha… hrmm…’

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