blog awards ireland

It’s that time of year again…

And lo it came to pass that the call once again went out throughout the realm of Irish blogdom. And the call was: “Dance, monkeys, dance!”

Yes, it’s time for the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 and I’m hoping that, like last year, one of you kind folks would be willing to nominate me. Last year Unshaved Mouse did very well, getting nominations for best Newcomer and Humour blog and even getting shortlisted for best Pop Culture Blog. This time around I’m no longer eligible for best Newcomer (bit too long in the tooth) but if you wanted to nominate me for the Arts & Culture (not Pop Culture), Humour and Best Blog Post categories that’d be just swell.

And don’t forget, getting nominated means I have to work extra hard to get your votes meaning more content between regular uploads, more articles, more best-of lists and basically me being your bitch to the exclusion of all dignity from now until the middle of September.

What’s not to love?

 Nomination page is here. Thanks guys.