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News round up!

Hey everyone! Great to be back, I missed you. Couple of news items to get through so let’s crack on.

Unshaved Mouse has been longlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland 2016.


This means that I will be (hopefully) by doing a new limited series of mini reviews, one post every two days throughout September (if I live). More details closer to the time.

Unshaved Mouse is now four years old and wears big boy pants.

Big thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me for the last four years. You guys rock and without your support I doubt very much I would have stuck with it this long. Four years is a long time. But do you know what’s also a long time? Two weeks. Two weeks is a hell of a long time to wait between reviews and so I’ve decided to do something about it. Which is why…drumroll please, I’d like to introduce you to the blog’s new movie reviewer!

Announcing the Bald Frog reviews!

So my good buddy Finbarr Doyle, playwright, actor and owner of an unlimited Cineworld membership is going to be doing regular reviews of new movie releases, meaning that the blog will no longer be a barren wasteland thirteen days out of every fourteen. Give him a warm welcome. He’ll be favouring us with his wit, his artistic insight and inchoate rage starting next week.


“You’re welcome, plebs.”

(And, as always, thanks to Julie Android for the awesome artwork.)

Last chance to be on the right side of history…

Hi guys. Voting for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 closes on September 21st so if you have voted for me already, thanks. If you were going to vote for me but haven’t yet now would be a real good time to swoop in and save the day (please click the big black voting button on the right.) And lastly, if you’ve decided that you’re not going to vote for me, well..

this ain't over

And so, the final battle commences…

Okay guys. Here’s the situation. We’re in the final quarter. Bases are loaded. Injury time. Gretsky has the ball. Sports.

Unshaved Mouse has been shortlisted for Best Art and Culture Blog and, unlike in previous years, I might actually have a bloody shot at this.

The shortlist is down to 28 blogs. That’s doable. That’s beatable. But I need your help.

This year is different from last year. There are only going to be two weeks of voting starting today and, near as I can tell, you can only vote once. So, the good news is I’m not going to be pestering you for votes every week. The bad news is, only 30% of the final score comes from the final vote and the rest will come from some poor judge trying to make sense of this Disney fuelled acid trip I’ve been on for the last three years.

"What is this madness?! I never trained for this!!"

“What is this madness?! I never trained for this!!”

So please, click on the image below and vote for Unshaved Mouse. Your support is, as always, hugely appreciated.

Vote for Us Buttons 300x2505


Thanks guys!


Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Isn’t it beautiful? But y’know, I have just one question.

"Does it come in black?"

                          “Does it come in black?”


Now we’re talking! Thanks to everyone who nominated me. You guys are the greatest. The shortlist will be announced on 02 September (yeah, they don’t wait around do they?) and after that public voting will commence on 07 September and run for two weeks. I’ll let you all know if I make it to the second round.

Thanks again guys! VALIDATION! WHOOOP!

Please nominate me, or whatever.

It’s Blog Awards Ireland season people! You know what that means!

It means I have to dance like a monkey to get as many of you to vote for me. More updates, more reviews, more content, more work, and all so I can funnel page views to the Blog Awards website and their advertisers before inevitably losing to the Waterford Whispers.

"Oh God. Not again. Not again!"

“Oh God. Not again. Not again!”

And why? Why do I do it? Because clearly, I didn’t get enough validation as a child.

"Um, we could just not nominate you this year, Mouse?"

“Um, we could just not nominate you this year, Mouse?”

"Are you kidding, I'd kill myself!"

“Are you kidding?! I’d kill myself!”

Fortunately, this year I’ve actually prepared. In fact, for all of September, when the actual voting takes place, I will be unveiling a new project and updating every two days. Yes. Every two days. NOT counting the regular reviews. It’s going to be a goddamn posting smorgasbord.

So yes. Please nominate me here. Please nominate this blog.

You goddamn bunch of enablers.

A long overdue thank you.

So huge thanks to everyone who voted for Unshaved Mouse in the Blog Awards. Voting’s now closed and we came in a very respectable fourteenth place considering the very broad and strong field (Irish Blogging. Serious Bidniz).

Congratulations to the top ten winners, may your readers be loyal, your hits many and may death come swiftly to your trolls.

Thanks again guys, the support is hugely appreciated as always.


Exquisite Annihilation: A Meditation on the use of space and silence in Beckett’s universe

Felicitations, seekers of enlightenment.

Today, we begin the next stage of our thirty part examination of the use of the pause in the work of the towering figure in twentieth century literature, Samuel Beckett.

“…” or “….”?

The perennial question is it not? Beckett used both of course, but which pause is “true Beckett”, if such a question is not ridiculous?

“…” or “….”

In his earlier work, most famously Godot, the master seemed to favour a simple “…”, but by the time of Play he seemed to have totally rejected “…”, now favouring the more elegant (but perhaps more frivolous?) “….”

We of course do not need to dredge up painful memories of Beckett’s sole, misbegotten use of “……” in Ohio Impromptu, the use of which Beckett himself blamed on stress and an imminent deadline and later excoriated as the most gross indulgence and extravagance.

"Excuse me? Unshaved Mouse?"

“Excuse me? Unshaved Mouse?”

“I am he."

“I am he.”

"Congratulations. Youve been shortlisted for Best Art  Culture Blog."

“Congratulations. You’ve been shortlisted for Best Art & Culture Blog.”

"Oh, how gratifying. Many thanks."

“Oh, how gratifying. Many thanks.”





"Who is that?"

“Who is that?”

"No idea, I think he got lost looking for No More Workhorse."

“No idea, I think he got lost looking for No More Workhorse.”

"Are you SURE this is an Art  Culture Blog?"

“Are you SURE this is an Art & Culture Blog?”

"Absolutely! Tell em SMOWE!"

“Absolutely! Tell ’em SMOWE!”

"Oh. Yes. By his very presence are our souls enriched."

“Oh. Yes. By his very presence are our souls enriched.”

"Is he being sarcastic?"

“Is he being sarcastic?”

"Him? Never."

“Him? Never.”

"Hmmm. Well. Congratulations."

“Hmmm. Well. Congratulations.”

Is he gone?


Unshaved Mouse has been shortlisted (somehow) for Best Art and Culture Blog at the Blog Awards Ireland 2014. Huge thanks to everyone who voted, and please don’t forget I still need your votes for Best Blog Post (link here or hereabouts).

And now, let’s all look at my shiny new salmon shortlist badge.

blog awards ireland

Yes. Salmon.

Thanks again guys,



Please vote for me. It is my birthday.

Today, Unshaved Mouse turns the big Zero Two and I’ve received a pretty awesome birthday present. The blog has been nominated for best Blog Post (for the Lion King review) and that means I have to once again call on you, my loyal readers, to help me get into the final ten so that I can have the privilege of being utterly crushed by the Waterford Whispers. If you want to help me in this noble endeavour, you can vote HERE. You can vote once every week unless you have mad hacking skills. Do you have mad hacking skills? Please get in touch. We should talk.

Mouse out.

We who are about to blog salute you…

A very big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who nominated me for the Blog Awards Ireland 2014. I’m delighted to report that Unshaved Mouse has made the long list for Best Humour Blog and Best Art & Culture Blog. This means three things;

1) As people now think this is an Art and Culture Blog, we need to class up this joint. No more cussin’ in the comments section and you all need to start spittin’ in the spittoon like I asked ye.

And not ON the spitoon. IN the spitoon.

And not ON the spittoon. IN the spittoon.

2) As with last year, all nominated blogs are eligible for the Best Blog Post award, which is decided by popular vote. In the coming weeks I’ll be asking you all to vote for me whenever you can which of course means…

3) Weekly updates. Not weekly reviews unfortunately (guys, I’m only flesh and blood) but I do have some articles lined up to go in between the regular reviews. And of course, The Hangman’s Daughter will now be going up a chapter a week, starting tonight.

Thanks a million guys, you’re amazing.

Mouse out.