Curses! Tagged in my prime!

As if I didn’t have enough to deal with rebuilding after the devastation wrought by the Horned King, now I’ve been tagged by fellow aniphile (animation lover, not what you’re thinking) Animation Commendation. Well, as Mary Poppins always says:

Time to choke a bitch...

Time to choke a bitch…

Wait, that’s not right…

If we must, we must.

If we must we must.

There we go. Okay, so Animation Commendation has set me 11 questions. I answer them, and then I come up with eleven questions of my own and ask 11 of you to answer and so the curse is lifted. Okay, let’s do this. Hit me.

1) What is your least favorite color and why? Anything pale grey, green or brown is very hard for me to differentiate so they tend to give me a lot of headaches.

2) What word do you always mess up when trying to spell it correctly? Necessarry Neccessarry Necesarry Necessery Required.

3) What is your favorite animated film? Oh that’s easy, it’s T…waitThat would pretty much render this entire blog pointless, wouldn’t it? Okay, as a consolation prize I’ll give you my favourite non-Disney animated movie which is…sweet Jesu I have no idea. Depending on my mood it’s either Akira, South Park: Bigger Louder & Uncut or Batman: Under the Red Hood (my favourite Batman movie. Period.)

4) What is your least favorite animated film? I’ve probably seen worse movies from a purely technical level but Don Bluth’s A Troll in Central Park (Stanley’s Magic Garden on this side of the Atlantic) is just sickening when you consider that this cloying, sugary, plotless, condescending, diabetes inducing crap came from the man who brought us Secret of NIMH. God, I hated this movie as a kid. And I liked some pretty atrocious crap as a child.

5) What school subject would you like to be eradicated from the curriculum? Geography. What are you? Are you science? Are you history? Are you politics? No, you are a misshapen ungodly fusion of all of them. Fuck you, Geography. Sincerely, Mouse.  

6) Which celebrity have you met? And if you’ve never met one, which would you like to meet? I’ve met quite a few Irish celebrities but they probably don’t count. Ireland’s so small that you can’t spit without hitting someone locally famous. I’ve met the comic book writer Gail Simone, who was suitably awesome.

7) Do you believe that the Loch Ness Monster exists? Sorry cryptid lovers. It’s either cold-blooded, in which case it couldn’t really survive in a lake that cold or it’s warm blooded in which case it should really be showing up on thermal scanners. Count the Mouse as a sceptic.

8) If this is that, and that is this, then would a little bit of this and a little bit of that equal to one this or one that? No. It would be equal to exactly 0.54678 of a this or a that, given that this and that are equal and that a little bit and a little bit would not be enough to produce a whole. Also, I like giving weirdly specific answers.

9) Did you understand the previous question? Did you understand the previous answer? Checkmate.

10) How amazing am I on a scale of 10 to 10? On a scale of 10 you’re 7.67898789. Again, I like giving weirdly specific answers.

11) What song would you like to be your theme song to be played as you enter a room? This. Or maybe the Mighty Mouse theme if I’m actually rescuing someone.

Okay, so now MY questions.

1) What’s your guiltiest guilty pleasure? Movie, book, TV series, music whatever.

2) You can have ONE of Superman’s powers. What do you choose?

3) Name a country you’ve never been to but always wanted to go. 

4) Ninjas or Pirates?

5) If you answered Pirates, what’s the matter with you?

6) Favourite Muppet movie?

7) Piece of pop culture that makes you despair for humanity?

8) Piece of pop culture that gives you hope for the species?

9) Bra sizes. So AAA is smaller than AA but DD is LARGER than D am I the only one who think’s that’s freaking INSANE?!

10) Name two fictional characters who never got together (or did but didn’t go the distance) but that you always felt should end up together.

11) Explain this Harlem Shake thing to me. What even the fuck?

So step up

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Show me what you got.