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So now what happens?

So. We’re finally here. The end of the canon Disney reviews. And a lot of people have been asking what will happen when we get here, so let me just answer the most common questions right off the bat.
Is this the end of Unshaved Mouse?
NO. I still love doing it, hopefully you still enjoy reading it so I see no reason to stop now.
“But”? “But”, what “but”?
Alright, so there’s something you all should know. Earlier this year I got pretty much the best news of my entire writing career and was commissioned by the Abbey Theatre to write a play for them.
Big deal
I’ve been working on the first draft for the last few months and it’s due to be handed in early 2015. Now, ideally, I want to keep updating Unshaved Mouse as regularly as I have before but I may occasionally have to take a break here and there to keep on top of this. Sorry. It’s a choice between doing something I love and doing something I love and actually getting paid for it, so…yeah.
What happened to you Mouse? You used to be cool.
I was never cool, shut your lying mouth.
Alright, so what’s next for Unshaved Mouse?
A lot, including some stuff I’m extremely excited about so listen up.
  1. A break. I’ve been doing the blog  almost nonstop for the last two years so I think this is a natural point to take a rest. I’m taking off October and November and there should be a new review up 03 December. Depending on how the play is going and Christmas, I’ll try to get a second review in some time in December and then by the new year I hope to be back at full speed.
  2. Finishing off the Joanna reviews. So many people donated to Joanna, that, amazingly, I still have enough reviews scheduled to last us into the middle of 2015. There’s a great mix of movies still to come, stop motion, animé, nostalgic fair and even a few episodes of cartoon shows. Once I’ve paid off all debts however, that’s when the next chapter of Unshaved Mouse really begins.
Just tell us what series of movies you’re doing next already!
Alright, here we go…
Yes, from around July 2015 onward I will be reviewing all the movies based on Marvel comics characters (hey, they’re owned by Disney, it’s a logical step). I’ll be reviewing the good, the bad, the awesome and the aborted pilots of seventies TV shows and may God have mercy on my soul. This will be the new “regular” series, like the canon Disney movies were before.
Okay, well, tootles!
What? Wait, where you going?!
I’m an animation fan Mouse, why would I stick around for a bunch of live action movies?
Well, for the quality of my writing and analysis…
Have a good life.
Stop! I will still be reviewing animated movies!
Does that mean you’re still going to be doing reader’s requests?
Glad you asked, mysterious person who only speaks in boldface. The answer to that is…kind of.
Don’t play coy with me, rodent.
Alright look, there’s no reason to drag taxonomic orders into this. The success of the funding drive for Joanna really got me thinking about how I could use that to…
Oh my God, you’re going to start making money off this, aren’t you?!
NO. I use a lot of copywritten material in this blog which is Fair Use as long as this is just a hobby I’m doing for my own entertainment and yours. Once I start using it to line my own pockets, it becomes a lot more ethically dubious. What am I’m talking about is using the blog to raise money for charity, so we can all do some good and hopefully have a lot of fun too.
Go on.
I am hereby announcing the Unshaved Mouse Charity Movie Deathmatch! I hope to raise money for a very worthwhile cause, Love Without Boundaries.
How does it work?
Step One Caption
If there’s a movie you’ve always wanted me to review, sound off in the comments below. As many as you like. As long as it’s either animated or based on a comic book it’s a contender. I’ll also accept live action Disney movies like Maleficent or Saving Mr Banks.
I will select around twelve of those movies and over the course of a month, you the readers will vote on the movies you want me to review, with the top three getting the treatment. How do you vote?
Step 3 Caption
Democracy is overrated. Plutocracy is what all the cool kids are into these days! To vote, simply make a donation to Love Without Boundaries, email the receipt to unshavedmouse@gmail.com and tell me what movie gets your vote. You can donate as many times as you like (please do), and vote as many times as you like (please do).
Step 4 caption
We sit back and watch the carnage unfold as factions are formed, blood is spilt, the tension, the drama, who’s ahead, who’s behind and best of all it’s all for a great cause.
Step 5 caption
The winners get reviewed and you all get to complain that Secret of NIMH was robbed or whatever.
So who’s getting my money?
Love without Boundaries is an organisation that works to help children in Chinese orphanages, raising money for medical procedures, providing better food and education and helping to connect children with prospective foster families. It’s strictly volunteer (none of their workers collect a salary) and is rated four out of a possible four stars by Charity Navigator.
Seems like a great cause Mouse, but I’m broke.
You can still help out. For starters, let me know what movies you want to be in contention. If a movie gets plenty of nominations then I’ll know there’s a lot of interest for it. Second, please share this on the Face Book and the Twitters.
When do we begin?
Movie Deathmatch is going to run for all of February 2015. At the end of each week the I’ll announce the state of play and eliminate the two lowest scoring movies with the three winners being announced at the end.
Screw the wait, I want to help people NOW!
Here’s the link to Love Without Boundaries and be sure to hold onto your email receipt when February rolls around. And thank you.
You gonna review Big Hero Six?
Sigh. Yes. Once it comes out on DVD.
Mouse out.
NEXT UPDATE: 03 December 2014
NEXT TIME: Hmmm…how can I be sure you’ll all come back after such a long hiatus?
Do I have your attention?

Do I have your attention?