1. He did say greatest *mouse* actor, did he not?

        (Come at me, Felicia, you remember that Curious George story about the ostrich that tried to eat a horn?)

  1. Sorry, I remain a purist. I just can’t get into these. Erik’s reading is pretty good, but the timing of the music and the randomness of some of the pictures is quite off-putting.

    1. I agree I didn’t do a very good job on the music department, but none of the pictures are actually “random”, there’s a reason behind every single one of them.
      At least you didn’t say the timing of the pictures was off. That would hurt me. A lot.

      1. And most of those pictures were relevant. What worked really well was showing stuff from the movie and/or review at the right time. And where the music *was* used at the right time, it was effective.
        However, the Dragon-Ball characters at the end (or whoever they were) were confusing, and there was some stuff that almost-but-not-quite matched the words of the review, which distracted from what was actually being said…
        Anyway, there are a lot of reviews, so your skills are bound to improve (and it’s not as if I could make a video like this). Good luck with it.

      2. It worked for me, but I agree, the Dragon Ball pictures were very random…no idea what you are going for with them. And yes, the music…I was actually first checking if I accidentally opened a website with music track somewhere on my comp, because it seemed so random. Also, less pictures and more to the point would be great.
        Nevertheless, I look forward to the next one.

  2. Don’t worry, dude. xD It took me a bit of squinting and thinking really hard, but I eventually DID get the Dragon Ball Z references. They were Android’s 16, 17, and 18, and each picture was placed at the respective matching score. Not the most OBVIOUS move, but still quite understandable for those who get it. xD Keep up the good work, bro, and I’ll keep doing my thing too.

  3. I guess those scoring pictures were kind of appropriate, seeing as easy-to-miss references are something these reviews tend to be rife with.

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