This is a rescue operation.

Since President Nicholas Maduro assumed control of Venezuela in 2013, the nation has been in political, economic and social freefall. While the government pushes a constitutional amendment that will give Maduro dictatorial powers, 75% of the population have lost an average of 19 pounds due to food shortages. The healthcare system has broken down and violence is rising as people fight for ever scarcer food and medication. Venezuela’s 30 million citizens are facing nothing less than an existential threat.

And one of them is our friend Mauricio.

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you probably know Mauricio. He did the video review a few years . He’s been a regular commenter here almost from the very beginning. He’s a pal, and he’s in real danger.

That’s why we need to get him out now.

I’ve set up a GoFundme page for  Mauricio. The goal is to raise a thousand dollars, which should be enough to get him safely to Colombia, rent an apartment and pay for food until he finds work. Please donate whatever you can, big or small. If we all work together we can get him out of there safely.

Thanks guys



  1. Holy shit. I was just reading about the medicine crisis in National Geographic this morning. Good luck and a fistful of dollarydoos to Mauricio. Who’s the other person – family member, or SO? Hope they make it out okay.

  2. I have Venezuelan friends too, and that country’s situation is indeed out of control. I don’t have any money, but my thoughts and prayers are with Venezuela and all of its people, I hope Mauricio gets to leave soon!

  3. Unfortunately I’m not in a place where I could give as much as I’d like to right now, but that’s not stopping me from contributing some money to save a man’s life. May God be with you, Mauricio.

  4. Another Venezuelan here, stuck in the middle of the deep doo-doo as well.

    I’m mostly flat broke myself at the moment (and when Mouse talks about how much weight we’ve lost, brothers and sisters, he ain’t joking! At home we all look like a collection of walking skeletons right now. Maduro, of course, has swollen up like a damn balloon) but I’ll try and see what can I do.

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