1. You know, I tried to watch this(The movie, not the review) the other day, but I fell asleep. Where the Red Fern Grows was faster paced!

  2. Hey, no complaints yet, I guess I’m doing a good job!

    ‘Sup Neil. Here’s the Dumbo video:

    (I think the same as Knight, Fantasia’s not a very…enjoyable movie. Up to this day, I haven’t seen the entire thing yet, just some parts of it [and the sorcerer’s apprentice, of course])

    1. Awesome work dude, seriously, these are getting better and better. One small criticism, the music is just slightly overpowering the dialogue. Maybe just adjust the levels slightly?

      1. You’re talking about the jazzy song (um, theme), right? Yeah, I just saw the video again and that one’s way too loud. So sorry about that, I was trying to finish the Dumbo video as quickly as possible…
        If you’re talking about the other ones, too…well, I may need to get me a beta tester.

        By the way, I’m already done with the Bambi video, it was actually kinda fun working on that one for some reason. It took me only a few hours compared to Dumbo’s…two days…
        I’ll start working on the Saludos Amigos video and then get some much needed rest. Will upload in a few days, maybe next wednesday and saturday.

        (Geez, I’m blazing through these)

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