1. You know, I tried to watch this(The movie, not the review) the other day, but I fell asleep. Where the Red Fern Grows was faster paced!

  2. Hey, no complaints yet, I guess I’m doing a good job!

    ‘Sup Neil. Here’s the Dumbo video:

    (I think the same as Knight, Fantasia’s not a very…enjoyable movie. Up to this day, I haven’t seen the entire thing yet, just some parts of it [and the sorcerer’s apprentice, of course])

      1. You’re talking about the jazzy song (um, theme), right? Yeah, I just saw the video again and that one’s way too loud. So sorry about that, I was trying to finish the Dumbo video as quickly as possible…
        If you’re talking about the other ones, too…well, I may need to get me a beta tester.

        By the way, I’m already done with the Bambi video, it was actually kinda fun working on that one for some reason. It took me only a few hours compared to Dumbo’s…two days…
        I’ll start working on the Saludos Amigos video and then get some much needed rest. Will upload in a few days, maybe next wednesday and saturday.

        (Geez, I’m blazing through these)

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