1. Wow, this video was heaps better! Cleaner, more precise timing, more relevant picture references… Well done. I really like that the animators were shown with examples of their work. You may convert me yet, gentlemen.

  2. Dammit Niel you never get my name right!

    All joking aside, I’ll be leaving for a few days, unexpected vacation here’s the Bambi video!
    Needless to say it was a little rushed (I was going to add the music today, do some beta testing tomorrow, then upload it…), so some things may be a little off. And yeah, there’s no music in this episode. For the most part.

    I still have no idea why I enjoyed working on this episode so much.

    Also, have you…talked to Erik recently?

      1. Hmm…I don’t know, I want to see what everybody thinks of that episode.
        If you think it’s not up to our standards (?), then I can re-edit the Bambi video when I get back and upload it again.

  3. (Ok wordpress doesn’t let me reply directly to your comments. Why is this a thing?!)

    He probably is. We may need to take a short break after the Saludos Amigos review.

    Great! Hopefully I get some internet where I’m going (of course I will), I’ve been waiting for that Lilo & Stitch review since I started reading your blog!
    What a glorious day that was.

  4. Loved the video dude.

    And like so many, I can’t wait for the L and S review. I can’t help but like the scenes between Lilo and Nani, and unfortunately agree with the Critic who also had this opinion. Those scenes were solid gold, until Stitch ruined the flow they had going.

    Waiting patiently at home for more…while sharpening my new xiphos.

  5. Definite improvement. The one thing I’m not crazy for and has kind of been a thing for me in all these ones is when the caption pictures are shown with their captions. They often go by too fast to read and suddenly having to read again is a tad jarring. Then again, seeing as the visuals and audio are made by different people, I guess I can’t blame them too much.

    Then again, it would be fun if Mauricio could somehow convince Erik to vocally read the caption pages. I bet all the voices Erik gave to all the different continents would be uproarious.

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