AMA for my FAQ! ASAP!

So, I’m thinking of doing a FAQ page for the blog and I need suggestions. I’ve already got the obvious ones (What’s this blog about? When do you update? What’s with the wiseass map of Europe?) but if there’s any questions you’d like answered leave ’em in the comments.

Mouse out.


  1. What is the meaning of the Bahia joke? What is the meaning of the Kookaburras joke? What should you not expect to find here? What does AMA mean? If Peter Piper did indeed pick a peck of pickled peppers, then where is the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper apparently picked?

  2. What made you decide to review Disney movies? Are you associated with Disney? Are you a Disney fan? Do you like other animation studios’ work? What inspired you to come up with the Unshaved mouse persona?
    Perhaps some personal questions like: Are you married? Does your wife enjoy Disney as well? Do you do the reviews together? Do you have kids who enjoy Disney?
    The obvious questions of “What;s your fav/least fav. Disney film” can get links to their reviews.

    These are the ones that come off the top of my head. 🙂 I hope I was useful. ❤

  3. When you do the requested reviews, will you do a full review of them like you do for the Disney reviews, or will you talk about parts of the movies?

    What will you do after you finish the Disney reviews? Will you start a whole new project? Will you review the next Disney films that continue to come out?

    Would you ever take requests for a live-action film, including a Disney one?

    1. The requested reviews will start after Brother Bear and then I’ll alternate them with the canon reviews. And they will be full reviews. This will keep me going well into next year. I have actually agreed to do a live action review but that was for a very generous donation from a very close friend. You’ll have to wait and see which one.

      1. Since I don’t know how many people donated before me, which Disney films will my requested movie be between?

      2. Wow, that many huh? Well, I will be interested to see what movies you will be reviewing and in the meantime I will just keep a lookout for mine. 🙂

        I sent you a message on Facebook, btw…it might be in your Other folder instead of your Inbox.

  4. What do you think is the solution to world peace? How many stars are in the sky? Do you have a list of non-Disney animated movies you enjoy? How old is your daughter?

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